The external beauty of the turquoise is obvious. Its color is inspiring, the color of evolved soul. Like when you look at white houses with blue windows that reflect the turquoise color of the sea in Greece. You instantly feel uplifting. You feel calm and gentle invigoration and you are ready to face the world again with inner calmness. Because it calms the nervous system and gives control.


All fans of crystals are wondering how to connect with a crystal on a deeper level, how to integrate its properties, how to enchant it. Well, crystals are energetic beings, like humans. Of course they have much more stable energy frequency than our very unstable and easily influenced, but they are living entities, like us. In my opinion, they are alive. They have also their unique form of consciousness. And how do we establish the best relationship with anyone? With LOVE of course. So I sit down with my beloved turquoise stone and travel inside. I observe it first until I see it clearly with the inner eye. Then I start looking for a way. Every day is different. I’m traveling in it or I bring a crystal inside my heart chakra. Use your imagination, your intuition, find your own technique. Fill him with goodness, with love, with kindness, give him the best that is in you and his answer will exceed all your expectations.

What a message I got from the turquoise? I felt the presence of my ancestors behind me. Their protection. Their message: »We went through so many battles, just to feel more love, to give more love. Our inner peace will give you stability and security to continue in the direction you choose.«

The gift of communication

Crystal will find a way to help you express yourself more easily through art, gardening, physical activity … It will find a way that will be right for you, just you.

Energetic gift

I immediately felt prana breaking through all the chakras, breaking the blockages and allowing the turquoise’s powers of love to flow through the entire being. 

These are my experiences with the turquoise. I believe yours will be just as wonderful. Share them with us.

Neli Cubej

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