pick a card, todays divine love message!


Card number 1, Ganesha


Card number 2, Tutankhamun

Eifel Tower

Card number 3, The Eifel Tower

Look with your inner eye, which card do you feel pooled to the most? You can choose from the card number one with the Ganesa, card number two with the Tutankhamun, or card number three with the Eifel tower. Each of the card has a special message for you at this point of time in your life. You can read all of three as well, if you fell guided to. Have fun, enjoy and most importantly have fun and enjoy.

  • GANESHA, card number 1 If you choose Card number one, with the statue of Ganesh, your todays love message is hidden in the 3 of wands Tarot card. This card is very powerful. You are heading towards your goals and dreams and you are waiting for the first signs of your success. On the card naked guy is sitting on the rocks, watching the dreamy sailboat. You have already chosen what do you want with the two of wands, now it is time to wait for your hard work to pay off. You have done enough, you are honest, sincere person, so lay back and allow the outcome you were planning to happen. Sometimes it is not all about doing, but trusting the process and allowing the magic force of the universe to do the work. It doesn’t mean, just sit and do nothing. Patience, trust and allowance is your next move. Do your everyday chores, exercise, eat healthy food, follow your passions,…If nothing is happening, it only means that you are not patient enough and you do not trust the process. You are full of energy, power, ambition and ready for action. Advice with the three of wands is=do not fall asleep waiting! ALSO, with the huge power and ambition comes also the responsibility. The most successful people are always looking what they can offer to others , instead of what they can gain for themselves. We are constantly learning how to love, how to be better , how to help others and how to evolve. Next advice is, to be determined to finish what you have started. With your balanced mind, emotions and intellect you can continue your journey with peace and grace. 3 of wands is remind you of this trinity of mind, heart and actions. Meaning your thoughts, your emotions and your actions need to be in alignment. You can call upon the Ganesha in the times of uncertainty or to help you balance mind, heart and your actions. You can chant the mantra Om Ganapataye Namaha. He is the best for removal of all your obstacles. Believe me that he has your back. PUT OUT A THOUGHT OF GRATEFULNESS FOR GANESHA TODAY!
  • TUTANKAMON, card number 2 The page of cups is delivering your todays love message. On the card is a young woman, who senses emotional and intuitive hidden content. Even though she is not experienced enough that she can completely understand, or practically make use of this content, she knows that she can sense something not every human being can sense. Cups in this card have turned in to pillars, who are bringing messages from the depths of the see. This messages can sometimes disturb us, however the page of cups, even though vulnerable, he or she is confronting those messages. The hat of page of cups is like some sort of antenna for sensing those vibrations. Page of cups is predicting beginning of an emotional relationship. Usually it means a beginning of a new relationship or a new level of a relationship you already have. Pages represent learning as well, and open you to learn something from the emotional experience. If the situation seems hopeless, try to see it from the eyes of a child. Be flexible, and see if you can be in a relationship in a new way. Remember you can not change other people, you can only change yourself. Tutankhamun is telling you that you have the wisdom from the old Egypt. It is time to work on your third eye and embrace the gifts Tutankhamun has for you. The best way to connect with it is to go to meditation and explore. Who knows what kind of messages will you get. Turquoise stone has a lot of information from the old Egyptian times. If you have one, connect with it and see what happens. Magic!
  • EIFEL TOWER, card number 3 Six of cups HOLDS YOUR Love Message. It means exciting memories from the past, innocence and simplicity of a child. When you have some extra time, you constantly daydream about something that happened in the past. Now You want to feel full and you want your dreams to come true. Yes you deserve love and you deserve to be happy and you are worthy of everything you want. Six of cups is advising you, to be mindful and stop daydreaming, stop living in the past. Also there is a possibility that someone from your past will come back, where you will have a second chance to resolve your triggers. Meaning.. every relationship is a reflection of you. When you have some unresolved issues with a particular person, this situation is showing you, where you need to reflect and expand your consciousness. Well now is the time. Have strength to act differently THIS TIME, in order for you and your person to grow and expand. Eifel tower is telling you that you have the infinite power to be very grounded and productive. In case you do not daydream hahaha. Towers are big, they are strong, people adore them. Be mindful what kind of “tower” you would like to build in your personal story. A lot of times you CONSTRUCT something that is not longer serving you, but because you put a lot of effort to build it, you do not want to let go. Todays mantra I recommend is, chanting OM. Chant OM, sit in a comfortable place, ground yourself, connect with the heaven and earth, chant. Be in the now moment, feel your body, sing, move,… If you found yourself daydreaming again, wake up and clean some dishes or some dust, just do not be deluded in the timeline which is draining your energy. Remember you have enough power to tear the old tower down and build not ONE, but hundred new ones. And believe me, they will be better and more liberating. Regarding to people who you love, do not worry. The ones who love you BACK, they will support and help you. If not, do not bother just do your thing! At the end of the day no one can give you what you want, only you can!

Let me know and comment down below which card did you choose, and if it resonated with you. Sending you Love, yours Sita

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Disclaimer> Please be advice as a disclaimer, these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Do not make any life changing decisions based on Divine Love Journey readings. Again these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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