why do we run away from love/chase love? tarrot collective reading 18.1.2021

On Namahah Shivaya Guys. I like to live on the clouds, however todays reading is heavy stuff. What do we need to know, not what do we want to know for our growth was the question for this day. Here is the answer.

First card as the strongest card in the spread, is The Chariot Card. You learned some lessons in life, and now you feel ready to move on, IT SAYS. You feel ready to conquer the world, to move from the old energies. You are alone on the chariot, and no horses on board. The chariot is stuck. You feel anger and frustration without the horses. You are so stubborn and full of determination, that you want to move on, But you can not. It is not all about you, human being. The Devil card as a second card represents your Ego. You feel in chain all the time, as you are stuck and can not get out from this game. Stuck with the energy of your EX lover, you simply can not let him or her go. Unconditional love is not an easy ride. The chains which you wear every single day are heavy energy, they are slowing you down. You still can not see behind the vail from your own illusion. You still play the same game over and over again. You think you are so smart by choosing and searching from all the corners and angels The ESCAPE road. You can not escape from you. no way! But you are still trying over and over again, until you get so tired you slow down for a little bit and than again in search for an easy way out. Today is the day you will change that habit and act differently. No other way but inn. The death of ego is on the move.

And than again, ten of swords. The pain in your head and all the thoughts you are picking up on a daily basis, you identify with those thoughts. They are not yours. And again you wake up and the same old scenario goes on. You start to THINK, AGAIN, YES THINK. What if….. I let my beloved one go, I kill this illusion of stupid romance, lifetime romance, I mean hard core love story… How can I let this go. I feel so lost without this story, I have no purpose, the pain of loosing him is unbearable, you can almost feel his suffering, you can feel his cry for help. You also feel his love, you feel his presence, he is talking to you all the time. He is calling you in the morning, calling you before you go to bed. How can you ignore this? How can you than let go? You see signs everywhere, and of course they are coming from your head. Or not, who knows. This person makes your world go round, with this person you feel love, you feel everything and you with him or her you are everything. Again the same question. How can you let this person go? You have come a long way my child. It is time. You feel bound to this person, because you do not want to face yourself, because you are making excuses not to do the inner work, because you don’t want to see the truth, because you simply do not believe in your energy my child. Take responsibility for your own energy once and for all,..

Next card, The three of wands with the page of wands symbolizes a leap of faith. The urge is so big, you can not resist it any more. Its all fire, its all action oriented. However with the big urge there is also a big challenge. Yu have to accept completely where you are at this point in your life, accept completely your body, your sexuality, your situation, the planet as it is. The energies are changing. Hold on, but not hold back. Do the right thing for your good once and for all. The story is about you and only you my dear reader.

The next card is The Queen of Coins she represents stability in life. It can be money oriented, also mental stability, health, whatever. Your legs are shaking you do not feel stable any more, all is shaking, the mother Earth Gaia is changing her frequency and you can sense that. That is why every night you go to sleep and you feel that all your body is charging and healing at the same time. It is powerful. You are scared what if I fail. Do not be scared! You already decided to make a change, to step in to your energy. To follow your intuition and guidance, to get rid of the thoughts which are disturbing you every day.

Five of wands is an inner conflict. When one has inner conflicts, it is shown in the outer world as well with conflicts with other people. My Loved ones, when you make peace to yourself, you will make peace with the whole world around you. ALL THE TRIGGERS and outer fights come from one place, and that is from your own frequency. But the fights and miscommunications are always teaching us lessons. They are not good nor bad, it is just the opportunity for you to raise your frequency.

Queen of water is telling you that you mastered you emotions. You were digging so deep, and your intuition is straight on point. With this loving and caring energy you came here to help others and share love around your friends, family and people in need. To be able to really help, keeping emotions and intellect balanced is the key. Again do not fall in the trap of judging other people or yourself, of wanting to be better than others, of being in inner chaos, and also stay in focus on what you are doing, creating, not on what other people are doing! She misses him. When she is in her watery energy she can not help herself to reach out, that is why she needs to work more on the intellect and when she feels pulled to him, she needs to remind herself, that he will come when he will feel ready. Ow Sita again your love story ahhhh.

Last four cards are EIGHT OD CUPS with FIVE OF CUPS, which is not really brilliant combination. It is advising you that your strategies are not working any more. Yes you have amazing intuition, but you still do not trust it. You are still making strategic plans and not fully trusting the universe. Relax and let go. Chant the moon mantra Om Chandraye Namaha to feel her power. You got this. I know you feel defeated completely regarding the love situations. All the old patterns how love should look like are still somewhere behind your brain and, yes on the outside you look happy energized, however on the inside you still do not believe. Five of cups. You are crying over 3 spilled cups, meaning you are crying over lost relationship and living in the past. Two cups are behind you and you are not able to see it. When you are sad, if the shower meteors were happening in the sky you will not see that. This is how we can not see love also, because we are full of fear, negativity, and other crap.

The last message here is, that with all that you are dealing now in your life, seek the lessons. Wisdom is born in seeking the lessons from all the experiences, both the good and bad. It is born from the awareness that everything is connected, and that all happens for a reason… even when the reason remains mystery. Embrace a new idea, a new awareness, or the new knowledge that comes from listening to your internal voice.

Be without malice! You have been hurt, disrespected or disappointed by others. Another has let you down or betrayed you. It is normal and natural to experience feelings of anger, hurt and disappointment. To feel any and all emotions is natural, but you have choice always in how you respond. Do not allow your hurt to become a source of infection. Acknowledge it! Learn from it and your experiences, and then let the anger, hurt and disappointment go.

So, to conclude this reading I will answer the question in Sita’s Style. Why do we run away from love slash chase love, which is the same thing only looking from another side of the coin or looking from another perspective. You can not say running is bad, or chasing is bad, you can not say either running away from love is good or chasing love is good. It does not matter at all! Sita she didn’t figure this out unfortunately. The last card in the spread is The TOWER CARD. In the Dreams Tarot, this card represent illumination, something which you found out you didn’t knew before, discovering a new way of problem solving. This is unexpected change if you are ready for this change or not. It basically says that it cannot support any longer your fake illusions and perceptions you have build about yourself and others. The mind can build a huge story based on a particular person. Our mind, based on this story can build emotions as well. This card is showing us not particularly a huge global change, it is possible yes, but more than that it represents the acknowledgement of your mistake regarding problem solving, could be based on a particular person In our case our love life. Meaning to say it more clearly. If you have build a hug story in your head and created all the signs, that this person is the only person for you. The tower card is shaking down this story of yours and this illusion. If the story is not working, if you are running away from love or chasing love you are on a chariot with no horses. We have to break down the foundation completely, like the TOWER moment, in order to CREATE SOMETHING NEW!

Hope you enjoyed the reading, I enjoyed soo much delivering it. You can also book a personal Love Message, by emailing me: maja.cah@gmail.com

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Om Namah Shivaya


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