How to say Goodbye to Addicting patterns 4Good, 4 Basic STEPS!

Om Namah Shivaya Guys. Congratulations, if you are reading this blog post you are already and conscious of your vicious cycle, or so called negative, destructive pattern. Being aware of your situation is already a solution, so believe me guys when I say to you your pattern is being healed by no time. Let us be real, we all face different kind of situations in our life’s, in which we do not feel relaxed. Many times, by our actions and deeds we cause ourselves pain, suffering, sadness, depression, etc. Many times, we also try to heal ourselves by escaping mechanisms, which are addictions to work, sexual pleasures (sometimes I wish I had that. JOKE), alcohol, drugs, blaming other people for our miseries, and also guys yes pleasing other people and reactions as I can save you, and seeing flaws just in other people wanting to save them, thinking when I CHANGE this persons behavior, or when this persons behavior changes, I WITH THE BIG I, will be happy, because, THIS OTHER PERSON is the cause of my misery and sadness. So, guys first step for saying goodbye to addicting destructive pattern, whatever it is.


Taking back our power is important, because you take full responsibility for your actions, for your thoughts, for your emotions and for your life in general. This is a big step, because in this first step you do first and last step at the same time. II will explain to you why and how. Our destructive patterns are blocking us to live our lives to our highest potential. The problem comes, not to be stuck in a loop of nonsense, but to find a feeling of how it looks like to vibrate higher. This is usually why people start to make changes, after they become sick, or after some dark and sad period in their life’s, also when they do not have other choice. But you can be aware of that and with all the knowledge and support you have; you do not have to fall to your rock bottom to start to make some changes in your life. TAKING BACK YOUR POWER BY REALIZING THAT YOU ARE THE CREATOR Of YOUR OWN REALITY, including THE CREATOR OF EXPERIENCING ADDICTING PATTERNS is solution!

What you believe you are, and what you truly are!


Now that we already know that you are the creator of your own reality, and you are in a full power and control to take charge of your life.  The most important thing to do is. In your daily life, when you experience challenge, and you are tested again with your already aware addicting pattern like you really really want something to happen, and you always try in a same way to make it happen and it never works. Why is not working? Because you react and think in a same way your mind learned at the time when you were a child. It is a subconscious mentality, which has tremendous power over our lives. In subconscious mind, they are lying all our believes, patterns, ability to love, to express, to manifest, everything is in our subconscious mind. When we operate by our conscious mind, we make malicious cycles and sometimes we live a robotic life, or a life based on survival, fear, and not much to experience. So, to make the point. Yu must act differently when you are challenged in your daily life. The word must, does not resonate with the higher truth, so I do not recommend that you tell yourself, I must act differently. Tell yourself anything in the present moment, for example, I am reacting differently, and I am proud of myself. I am reacting differently. The energy is not in the past and it is also not, something that you must do, it has less pressure. Acting in a different way and being persistent in this, even if you fail, is enormously powerful and rewarding tool and mechanics. By acting differently, you are basically reprograming your subconscious mind and you are telling your subconscious mind, no no no no. We are not playing this game any longer, you thank yourself for being aware of the destructive pattern, you can also ask your guides, angels for help to assist you in this process, and the last step, when you are challenged, bring all your power in to you physical body system ask for guidance help to your ancestors and act differently. Guys reward is unbelievable feeling of freedom, ease, acceptance, love, I cannot type these feelings with words. Its worth it. Do not judge yourself if you fail, know that is ok. And also know that every time you think you fail, actually you Do not, you can never fail, never, because you are just building experiences and building more data and inner strength, and that at the end you will make it 4GOOD. Trust

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Just a little joke at the end of the 2point. Take the power of the destructive pattern, by laughing at it. You know guys this in a never-ending story like that movie. It seems serious but is not. When you overcome one pattern, then you acknowledge another one, and another one and another but. But all is a funny game. Is a game of knowing yourself more, loving yourself more, and experiencing yourself more profoundly. That is why, when you have in mind that this is not the end of the world, this small pattern of yours, and is just one of many, than you take of the power and you can easily, the next time the temptation comes, act differently and step closer to freedom. Supporting you guys, you are never alone in this shit. Never. Anytime do not be afraid also to ask for any help, guidance or assistance if you feel you need some extra love or push or whatever.


The most important thing in our life’s is accepting ourselves and loving ourselves. Guys when you build love into your body, mind, emotions and get a glimpse of your spiritual being, breaking addictive patterns becomes easier and easier. You know when someone loves himself, can do no harm to other people. There are many wonderful techniques how to heal and give love to your inner child. So, if you will say well who is inner child, what is inner child? Inner child is far most important aspect of yourself. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to dal with my inner child for a very long time, I was thinking it is a bullshit, however… Is very powerful, you can experience time traveling,,, I mean. Ok fokus Sita. So when you see that you have so many dark shadows like judgements, anger, fear, and so on and so on, you have to send love to your inner child. Find a way that works for you. For me it worked that I visualize myself as a child, and me Sita as an adult now she is sending unconditional love to Sita baby, that she didn’t know what se was doing when she was chasing love and attention from other people So. very important inner child healing.


Maybe you will think well, what the hell does gratefulness do with me trying to overcome the addicting pattern. Well gratefulness is, speaking from my personal experience the most effective tool to feel joy, happiness, love and bliss. It can change your energy field in an instant second. Sometimes there comes a day where we just can not see the bigger picture, what the creator has a plan for us, and we loop in a cycle. So, when this feeling comes, gratefulness is the key. Be grateful for the air, be grateful for the water you drink, be grateful for the shelter you have, be grateful for the food you can eat, be grateful for the awareness that you see the addicting pattern. Be grateful for that and look around yourself, and really say thank you to everything around you. Miraculous things will start to happen on that day. This is a magical tool number 4 for instant change of your energy. LOVE YOU GUYS!


October2, 2020

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