What we offer?

Welcome Beautiful souls to Devine Love Journey. May you be Blessed and may the light shine on you every step you take. What can we give you?


it is time that you are completely YOU and completely FREE, with no judgements, no this is accepted, this is not accepted,… We want to encourage YOU and support YOU beautiful souls on your INDIVIDUAL journeys. Divine Love Journey is giving you a portal to express your deep longings, creations, your plans, your wishes, your scars, poems, articles, work plans, paintings your shit also, your anger, frustration, mistakes, addictions, just let it all out, whatever you feel, let it out. Also if you found your mission, we love it and want to share your work. It does not have to be “spiritual”. Send us your website, share what you are made off. Yes it feels amazing! We believe by expressing yourself you come closer to your authentic self. We make no judgements, we know we live in a duality world where we need to learn how to dance through darkness and light. Dance with us and send us your peace of existence. Your creative content will be posted on the main site of Divine Love Journey. The main concern a lot of people have is… yes but I am not ready yet, and is not perfect. Well….you will never be ready. It is perfect as it is NOW. Just do it today and you will feel the shift of your energy in a sec. Tomorrow you will have more power and motivation. OM Shanti!

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By performing sacred rituals, we learn to connect with our ancestors, with our knowledge of our ancestors, our future self’s and our past self’s, and most importantly with our PLANET EARTH GAIA. We are learning to reconnect to the cycles of our solar system. The deepest connection we personally feel towards the moon or Chandra, she is the closest to the earth and has the most impact on us. Every new and full moon, we perform the rituals by releasing al the energy which is holding us back, and we put the intention for what our soul is longing to experience. Working together with you guys all our intentions are stronger and releases as well. This supported energy is felt so highly, there is no room for failure only expansion and growth.


Maja and Neli are offering Yoga for your soul. They are working on the ground one by one or in a small group of people and help you clean your energetic body system. This is not an easy decision or work however is worth it. When you are ready to release negative patterns and negativity you build through this and past life times you are more aligned, you start to take responsibility for your own energetic system, you live your life more fully the way you want it to be, regarding of the outside circumstances. Energy cleaning is very important when you are in ascension process. This is the first step and very important step. Is like buying a new house and than putting in all the furniture and other stuff before cleaning the dust. As much as the house is nice and big and warm, if you do not clean the dust you will feel like crap sitting on the couch.. haha guys so this is why energy cleaning first is so important. Our egos deceive us in so many ways, also our energy gets blocked and we feel tension, depression, fear, anger, etc., if we do not learn how to clean our systems. Yoga for your soul is built just for that reason. We didn’t invent this. We follow the system of our teaches, of our intuition, our ancestors,. Our teachers and other beings are watching and supporting us in this mission. And they are supporting you too, because we are all connected. We are all one. Much love. Om Shanti!

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