unfinished bussiness, learning to trust- the masculin! vishnu mantra, part 2

Hello Beautiful. I am so honored and Grateful to connect with you. This is a story of getting to know the Lord Vishnu, through the 40days mantra challenge. This is a story about the Divine Masculine!

***She was driving home, when he called her. As always, she was rushing and escaping reality. In her pushy energy, she missed the road, and unintentionally drew towards him. Lucky woman. 5minutes later, she was bathing in the energies of 2 Divine Men and their guides. She found her balance in their presence. It was just for 5minutes, but also 5minutes count, she thought to herself! She now knows, she can learn to trust him. The Masculine protector! Finally, She can feel safe.***

I heard so many times: embrace the inner masculine within. What does this mean? What is the masculine? As I really do not know the answer, I decided to chant and leave the revelations to come to me. I had lots of resistance. And now writing this story from the past, I am thinking: Well at least you discovered what the masculine is not, or in other words, what is blocking you to see the real one. MY wish for you is, to see in this story something uplifting, loving, reveling, expanding, as I did. And for the end, a gift, a surprise, so……. stay open.


What the masculine represents to you? Also, what do you feel, when you read or hear the word masculine? In my particular case, I was feeling a lot of resentment, anger, betrayal. I still do, however I am aware, that these spaces are ever expanding and ever changing. Before the Vishnu mantra, I chanted the feminine version (Maha Lakshmi). In Indian scriptures it is written, she is his Divine Counterpart. Twin flame? Mind game? Who knows. You are invited to read the Lakhsmi part in my previous post. Or you wanna skip it, and just go straight to the Vishnu…so, here is a glory to the Masculine himself, chanting his name every day for 40days in a row. AND YES, I was CHEATING also. My dearest friend Neli, she joined me from Slovenia. Sometimes the energies were dense, and luckily we supported each other, because we are always STRONGER together. ALWAYS!

What is the mantra? Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya, 108 times for 40days

WHEN we chanted? 10.7.2021-18.8.2021 Slovenia, and Corfu ISLAND Greece


It took me a long time to write this down, almost half a year. That is why the heading is called unfinished business. In my awareness just came, oh damn you just can not finish one thing, but why? Also in the relationship you act out of fear. So yes, my intention here, is to end this unfinished business, and to tell ourselves each and every day, thank you for seeing me just the way I am, everything is perfectly aligned in divine order in this now. Vishnu mantra went beyond deeper that I could ever imagined. WHEN we are ready, everything shows up for us, they say. Let us see, what showed up in this 40days…

Day 1: 10.7.2021

My child, be more LIGHTHEARTED, NOURISH your being WITH LOVE, nourish your dreams and goals with love, not with fear. Why are you so obsessed with being so deep all the time in a way, which is covered in fear? Your brain needs to rest, enjoy your life, do not be too hard on yourself.

There is such a deep resentment, anger, revenge and frustration, mistrust from my personal experience, regarding the masculine figure. Deep hurt, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Just a thought of connecting Lakshmi and Vishnu, I felt complete resistance to it at first. Because we were 2 (so grateful for my friend Neli), SUPPORTING EACH OTHER, , we somehow did it. I believe the mantra is working still at this moment showing us the love and light each and every day.

CRACK THE SHELL OPEN. Do not sit on your old emotions, let them flow.

DAY 3: as I was in Greece in that time, when I woke up, I saw 3 little birds on the electrical cable outside my apartment. Immediately, I remembered the Bob Marley song, and here is the message: DONT WORRY ABOUT A THING, CUZ EVERY LITTLE THING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.

The Corfu ISLAND is full of small churches with 2 bels, everywhere and together with the ancient sign of VORTEX, or the zero point. I love this ancient hidden messages in old buildings. This is such a mystery and magic.

Day5: Be in the feminine energy, ALLOW

Day6: Feminine is coming back. You are remembering more and more. We were afraid, that we are not doing the mission, because we didn’t have a regular job, however we got the message. You are already doing the mission. It is not always as it seems, and sometimes the soup needs to cook before it gets served to the table. Play with your creative feminine essence. You are enough. And yes, you are living your mission.

WOUNDS: from childhood still many, witch wound. Revenge is sweet. How can you clear revenge? Sometimes I want to burn bridges, sometimes I want to make them covered with roses. I feel I was a soldier in one of my past life’s, having this deep deep deep deep longing to fight. I am a woman as well so this is kind of conflicting to me. Can we clear the wounds? Feminine way, wounds are also a part of you, EMBRACE, EMBODY! Get rid of, or letting go is not working, it never did.. EMBRACE,,, everything is you, complete as you are. Wounds, scars are your gifts. EMBRACE!

Signs everywhere. This bag I got in the store buying some clothes. Yes I want to show who am I. Do I REMEMBER WHO AM I??? Not sure jet.. I know I am not only my body, and I am not only my mind. I know that I do not know. But I CAN feel ..energy. I can feel it. Can you feel it???

who remains?

Day 16.7.2021

I am a tour guide on a Greek Island for the summer time. This is my dream job. I got to know a lot of people from different countries and nations.  It is a challenge as they all have their needs and expectations. One day out of the blue, I got a phone call from one of my clients.  Mr. X introduced me with a huge complain, regarding everything. When I accepted the phone call, I was in a five-star hotel eating lunch. They had a small church there, where I sometimes went to offer my prayers. Mr. X felt betrayed from the company I was working with, and I was a medium. Do I still love my job? HAHAHAHA.. Firstly, I felt I want to escape and not deal with his annoying complains. So I went to the church hiding, hoping energies of angels will help me to deal with the client. Majaaaaa. c’mon. Why do I hide all the time? Why is so hard to tell the truth and show the real self? Well, he gave me a big opportunity to do so.. Thank you Mr. X. We are our darkness and our light. By not facing, accepting, or dealing with the darkness, you can not hold the light. Embrace the darkness, embrace and face it. By the way this does not mean you allow people to treat you badly. It means, the dense energies are there, but you allow them to flow (by not judging them), this is how you alchemize and grow. Well to anchor it, is another story, not for this article.

Mr. X showed me, where I still hold my dense energies. By hiding and by not accepting, not trusting truly and fully my being. You can trust you my child, I am your mother, protector, your anchor, EARTH, Sofia, The Gaia. You are provided and safe for the rest of your human life and beyond.

I am proud to have my voice, and my voice matters. I can express myself even, if that means that the other person will not like me. So, somehow I am getting away from people pleasing, which I did before many many many times.

Day 17.7.2021

JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE WITH GIVING AND RECEIVING. The more you give, the more you receive.

Day 18.7.2021


Saint Spirido. The PROTECTOR OF THE ISLAND. His day 12.12., and I happened to meet a person named Spiros with his birthday 12.12. who helped me to fix the computer. Awesome and MAGICAL! MAGICAL ISLAND OF CORFU. AND PEOPLE OF CORFU! Another Coincidence,

Day 19.7.2021


The great spirit showed me the message and it goes SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

You cleared the pattern of saving others, clear clear clear. This is not your business. Instead, put focus on YOU. Put focus on filling your cup first. Your cup needs to be filled first. What is Maja’s life? What do you want for your life? How it looks like? Then living your life fully, love overflowing, you will share joyfully!

Day 21.7.2021 Put your focus on YOU!

Day 22.7.2021, I did sacred heart reconnection with Andrea Garris at this day, seeing that my being still holds a lot of judgements. Before clearing judgements, this day was more about grief, and grieving loss of the love of my life. Somehow, I didn’t accept that I was so hurt. He gave me the biggest and greatest gift that I could ever imagine, and that I could ever ask for. He gave me the gift of showing me that there is more to life, he showed me the way of true love, unconditional LOVE. I guess this is enough. Wanting something more out of this would be….WOULD DENY THE GIFT, WOULD BE ME NOT ACCEPTING THE GIFT OF TRUE LOVE. So, I am accepting, I am allowing, I am LOVE, I am light, I am THAT I AM!

My coworkers hand. Writing this 6 months after, I put this photo, because I noticed, his birthday is 22.7. What is the lesson? What is true love? Why is it so hard to love, when we find all the flaws and mistakes in the other? The OTHER IS YOU! How can you not love!



Day 27.7 Kiss me oh before you go, summertime sadness. I just wanted you to know….. GO GO GO Figure it out, figure it out don’t stop moving, GO GO GO FIGURE IT OUT, figure it out YOU CAN DO ITTTT….

This day we called also Babaji and Inana to help us. Yes, they came, what a Blessing. What a powerful Blessing.

Day 28.7. You have everything you need my child, you have good food, beautiful shelter, amazing friends, warmth, fire… I mean…. what else could you want???

Day 8.8.2021 was Lion’s gate portal. Energies OMG.. TO STRONG.

LIONS all around the CORFU ISLAND.

Grail overspilling.

What to say with this mantra, I feel, it is still not finished. Why? Healing the masculine in 40days, yes possible, not with my experience. I know I need more time to trust, also to experience (in real life), a healthy relationship. For this to happen, I am guessing the universe has a surprise. The story about Masculine goes way deeper than this lifetime, it is generations and generations of….past. I believe we are here to bring peace and balance, to alchemize the old ways, and bring new light and love to both masculine and feminine form. Let me know what do you think?

We went on a trip with our masculine friend few months ago. He told us, how liberating and ecstatic was his moment with his father. They cried the tears of love, while releasing all the anger, resentment, expectations and unacceptance. HE, telling this story, didn’t know, that he initiated. I saw, that when a man heals a part of the fathers wound, he is so free, and only than, he is more of a masculine figure.

So, it happened to me JUST after our trip. Wass not crying and sobbing, but I walked little closer to accepting my father. I had really hard time to make peace with it, because I never felt supported nor accepted, since we had different visions for our life and future. It never brought us together, judging one another and ourselves mostly. When I decided I will accept him as he is, not expecting from him anything more than what he is just in the moment, I saw him DIFFERENT. That moment, energy changed! I trusted him (ok funny part, for five minutes only, but also five minutes count ok guys). This is supposed to be funny, let me know ok. He helped me to buy the most beautiful dream car ever, Fiat Mini. Is it over? No, or Ochi in Greek language. But I believe it will be easier and easier every day.

Sometimes we expect too much from one another, especially family, and it causes us tremendous pain and suffering.  This Vishnu mantra brought me back to basics, to gratitude, acceptance, and trust. By trusting YOU, the universe aligns everything we need in divine order. Knowing and feeling we are not alone, releases the blockages and doubts.

Well, …see you guys in the next one…..

Love you so much, I really admire you. Blessings, Love, Peace and Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Stardust I AM sending to you.


I would love your feedback, write me here…Did you get any message for you? What was it? email me: maja.cah@gmail.com

Maja is accepting love and gratitude in money form: paypal.me/MajaSita

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