41 days Maha lakshmi MONEY challengE! maja AND NELI IN BEETWEN SHADOW WORK! READ AND SMILE…

Hello Beautiful soul. So happy that you are here with us. This article is about our personal experience in clearing our shadows. Mostly regarding money, self worth, etc.. Our way of clearing, was through the 40 day mantra challenge. This time we explored the abundant goddess Maha Lakshmi and her beautiful golden energy. Our intention was to clear old money programs to embody new way of money flow. We were really Not sure how this new frequency feels like, or more so, how to bring it to the earth plane. We just knew, there is a deep knowing, life is not supposed to be about working hard and having money struggle. Also, we know the poverty consciousness, and a hidden FEELING not being good enough is old, not serving ANYONE anymore.

No thank you, we are ready to upgrade, we said to each other on a day one! Are you ready to upgrade? We noticed we really do not have right attitude towards abundance and money money money money. And why is that? And how we can heal and transcend this? Read our 41 day journey, with the day by day challenges, and observations. Our intention with sharing this article is openness to POSSIBILITY you find a message for you, something you need to hear or feel at this space and time. As well as to make you laugh, to give you some love, care and to see that we are in this together and that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Please do not miss to check Day36 and day 37 in our challenge. They hold a valuable message!


Who chanted? Maja and Neli

When and where? Everywhere, Maja’s house, Neil’s house and Maja’s friends house. Every day, approximately at 8am in the morning, however some days we were late and not following the exact schedule, due to the feminine energy flow and intuition and inspiration.. yes!

Which Mantra? Om Shrim Maha Lakhsmiyei swaha 108times

Why? Good question, paradoxically to ground abundance frequency on the planet Earth. Or maybe because we do not like to wash dishes and we do not like to clean or work, or stuff like that. By the way before the mantra, we were both without a job. Let us see what happened. Soooooo.. NOW MANTRA!

May20, 2021, Day 1

The voice in the head is repeating those words< Feel Gratitude, Patience, NO RUSHING! As we are both fire signs and we love Adrenalin rush, to say to a fire element patience, no rushing is like you kill them. We do not know how to be patient. But, we are learning… also embodying new money frequency in a feminine receptive way, is definitely not rushing, chasing or pushing….well…

This is Nelis AURA AFTER DAY ONE people!!!!! hAHAH JUST A JOKE! Anyways…Nelis AURA is changing every day! DeffENETLY not from the planet EARTH for real!

May21, Day2

Do not even think about the money. It is not about the money. Money will not solve your problems. Think about why you need the money for? Do not make yourself extra burdens. The voice whispers again: {You are always provided}. Can you feel it? Not jet! You will!

HERE WE ARE, IN CASE WE ARE NOT CHANTING MANTRAS, NATURE RECHARGES AND HEALS US 100% YES AND THANK YOU GAIA! COMING back to our sacred place! Can you feel the energy in the photo?

May22, Day 3

The voice is coming through with the same meaning, different sentence : {Unconditionally allow, accept, receive the flow of abundance. You are pulling this to you! It is already a part of you. This is you! Feel the Gratitude and give thanks for receiving what you already have and what you already are. It resonates with you, because it is a part of you. It is not separated from you}. The mind is talking, still not embodied. {I am a magnet for success}.

May23, Day4

Open your being for opportunities to come to you! Clean the house, do the gardening, wash the dishes, bee in nature, do some grounding work etc. Dreaming and praying for change is not the right way! Embodiment IS! How to embody? Very simple. Again wash some dishes, clean the house, go to work, be nice to other people, speak your truth, ecc… Simple but complicated paradox!

May24, Day5

Noticing the feeling of unworthiness is there. You do not deserve!! Negative emotions are present, also fear is there. On the other hand, noticing the energy will change, is shifting, hope and guidance are here now! The fear is not real, is an illusion, is Maya! Mantra straightens the spine; you know how to set yourself up. you choose actions wisely in order to achieve a goal.
Men act, don’t hold back, don’t apologize.

May25, Day6

Noticing the interaction with Visnu, Lakshmi Visnu. Visnu mantra will be deffenetely next, after we finish Lakshmi. We can not wait! Lakshmi is teaching us about the importance of staying in the active role in our daily lives, however, think about your actions and do not lose energy on stuff which is draining your energy.

What do we mean by Action? Allowing , IN a serving way. Again no rushing, no chasing, no stress, no drama, no fear. Act in trust, act in love, in compassion and in you being you and bringing you! We do not feel the embodiment jet, only mental awareness is here for now. Do not apologize to anyone. Blood! A lot of anger, and competition is felt. Putting awareness here also, on this distorted parts. Embracing the shit we have, facing the darkness of our being.

For so many years we did so many spiritual practices, to get rid of our negativity and shadows like fear, anger, resentment, judgement, and so on and so on. Until one day, in the church of Mary The Snow, we started to accept this shadows. We were getting closer to our feminine. From that day, we are learning to receive and accept who we are in totality! Mary Magdalene and Mary The Snow and others are holding us. You are not alone!

May26, Day7

Clear your thoughts, support is everywhere, will power importance, spirit, abundance. Low self-worth. This is not mine. Stepping away from this old system of thinking and being.
The space between the vertebrae creates clarity of thought. If there is no clear goal, there is no action. If there is no action, there is no success. If there are no results, there is no abundance. Spirit leads you where your faith is without border.

May27, Day8

Feeling alone. I will be left alone forever; I cannot do it.  I cannot! I do not want to fight any more.  I do not get this exchange; I am also afraid of this exchange. In case someone gives me something, I am not able to receive it, I am afraid I will be bound. I cannot spend money also properly. Feeling guilty and lack. I can not receive WITHOUT GUILT; I do not deserve this. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

The motivating voice in the head not embodied jet. {Do not doubt your energy, get your feet firmly on the ground. Everything will change rapidly for the better.} Happiness and wish fulfillment we felt. All problems are illusions, a product of our past traumas. Clear, clear clear. They are being cleared RIGHT NOW! YES NOW! CAN YOU FEEL THE SHIFT?

May28, Day 9

Beautiful BRIGHT COLOR Fuchsia CAME. Less things in the head, release overthinking, mind is overactive. Go to work. Why we are talking about going to work? To quiet the mind, to move the energy. By working with your hands and moving the fizical body, you easily transform tons of energy and have brighter vision about who you are. Being stuck at home on the couch, your energy is still and possibly head and mind stuck in a bad movie you are playing to yourself over and over again. Which is again illusion of course. That is why… go to do some work! With awareness of course! Will power and Trust! Spiritual and material abundance. Bringing spirit to the earth. DO NOT OVER GIVE. BALANCE IS THE KEY! Release the thinking, put your awareness down in your heart. Heart knows!

RUN RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THE OLD PROGRAMMING IN YOU, it will bring you the same cycle over and over again. My personal experience left me with a broken shoe, not listening to my inner knowing, to go away from TOXIC patterns. Mine was: addiction to limited pleasure’s, What is addiction to limited pleasures? In case I do not get what I want, right now, I will die! well this is not abundant personality right!

May29, Day10

Outer cleanliness and order is important. Do the grounding work, clean your closet, work in the garden, WORK with THE soil, draw, dance, be creative, paint,…. Sometimes our desires are so big, that the mind is OBSESSED with thinking about too much of what we want. And also putting a focus on what we do not have. In our case. We would like to have more money in the bank account. By focusing our attention to just normal stuff helps a lot, it changes the energy rapidly. Also we asked our self WHY DO YOU NEED THE MONEY FOR? What is the reason you need money? Our answer, TO FEEL THE FREEDOM, TO BE FREE! Call your guidance, they are there beside you! Always! You have a deep knowing when to act and when to rest and recharge! Balance is the key! LISTEN

May30, Day11

Energy from chanting the mantra was CHARGING the solar plexus, OUR center of will power. Gratefulness for what we have is beyond importance, you need to know that you deserve everything, no doubt. No doubt! Feel the feeling of worthiness, of your worth. You are important and what you are doing has a big value. You are also in big help to other people. Feel this! No one is less important or more important regardless of where they stand now. This equality consciousness is Still not embodied yet. Noticing the feeling of he or she is better than me, and he or she is worst than me is deep in the system. Noticing this is distortion, however do not know exactly how to feel THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

Feminine energy is whispering. I am MAGNETIZING. From inside out! Play with the creation energy. What is your natural place vs learned space?

This is our ABUNDANCE! Eating like QUEENS. Fresh asparagus brought to us from grandmother Zdravka, also known as The General!

May31, Day12

Blue lotus

June1, Day13

Everyone deserves abundant life. This is everyone’s Birthright. Wish well to other people. Truly feel in your being that you wish to others happiness, money, love, and freedom. We need both our masculine and our feminine energy. Feminine is creating, receiving, masculine is logic, structure. We need both! WE NEED BOTH IN CO-CREATING! BOTH ARE NEEDED! These energies are within us, they are not gender related.

Ask to receive more. Ask yourself what would you love to receive? We usually do not know the answer? What do we truly want, that comes from the heart space and what fuels our soul on fire?

If we ask ours self the question, and do not know the answer right away.. I ensure you, the answer will come.

Jun2, Day14

Goddess Lakshmi is pouring you with the golden coins. Demand Abundance in your life, accept help from other people is especially important. You can not do all the things alone, or by yourself.  Hatred towards other woman is being put in awareness, this is also how we criticize ourselves and the consequence is, we are not able to accept abundance.  New earth is here born in equality. Empress says: { I live abundant life, no threat, no competition. She knows she will receive. Priestess has codes for you, for new timeliness.}

What is freedom? True freedom?

We attract the right people with the right intentions, we attract the right events according to our true nature. We work outwardly with love for ourselves and others. Thoughts equal to words equal to actions. We remain sovereign, we remain in integrity.

Healing being left out in the cold, being abandoned. We are operating by our old programs of fear. Anxiety. Terrible. It is not real the mind is telling, the body feels differently. Battle is still here. Step by step we are reprograming the body and mind to think and feel differently.

Jun3, Day15

Judgements! How could you be so lazy? We were digging so deep in the underworld to see our deepest shadows, that we forgot totally about our light and our divine nature. Jup, we totally forgot. Instead of love for ourselves, our search of freedom and inner knowing, turn out to be hatred towards ourselves. And towards other man and woman. Basically, we were feeding the darkness instead of allowing the light to pour through us.

Acceptance of what it is. A thought is born, maybe I can uplift the vibration of humanity. How? Be in your own energy no matter what. Be you! Love towards your shadows, sending love and care.  Love and care and acceptance.

Receive compliments. Wounded masculine is not allowing the feminine to be in her essence. Distorted masculine is putting pressure to her, do some more work, is not enough, …

Breakthrough/ Maja got the job! She accepted the job In Greece. It was magnetized to her with no effort by some strange circumstances. She didn’t apply for the job as our system requires of us to do so. It was different. It was a phone call! And she went, in knowing also, that this is not her final destination. She will birth her own work as well. She can not wait!

Jun4, Day16

The head is full. I do not know. Need to strengthen will power! Your soul wants to reach to your body. Listen not with the brain. Heart knows. Create! Not from the point of what will people like. We do not create from this point of view. We create from our love and bliss. Releasing what we are not. Say yes to the calling of your soul. ALL OF YOU! ALL OF YOU! Ask yourself what is your heart saying to you?

Jun5, Day17


Jun6, Day17

Rainy day, feeling anxious!!!!!! OH WELL SHIT AGAIN ANXIETY! Old cycles are testing us, DAILY tests of how strongly do you believe in you and in your energy are everywhere, every day! YOU CAN DO IT!

Jun7, Day18

Sometimes when you do not want to do one particular thing, because you are scared, and other people motivate you and push you to do it. At the end you enjoy. And you ask yourself, why was I so afraid to do it at the begging? Why I was so scared? Scared of unknown right…Scared to enter the black hole. But there is no other way! No other way!

Jun8, Day19

FAST FAST ABS is the You tube video ok, hahahaha. Neli recommended this video to Maya for some CORE POWER! Maja she didn’t watched it, oh well.Maybe you are interested. FAST FAST ABS I LOVE THE TITTLE!…Accept your shadow. Indiscipline, disorganization, laziness, procrastination, delay, self-sabotage. Is it really me or am I just playing the same role?

Jun9, Day20


Jun10, Day21


Jun11, Day22

Neli had amazing pattern discovery, regarding chanting mantras and this is THE ILLUMINATION: First 10days she has so many spiritual insights. Second week she has complete blackout, third week Neli dreams about voice in her dreams demanding to her: YOU CAN NOT DO MANTRAS ANYMORE!!!!!!. Fourth week Neli regrets about not chanting mantras. Maja is chanting alone waiting for Neli to come back. Fifth week we initiate a new mantra and a full cycle continues again from the beginning, first ten days spiritual messages are flowing, than blackout, than prohibition of mantra, than regret, than a new mantra. As I am writing this I am laughing because is funny as fuck. Sorry Neli hahahahahah… Well Maja she doesn’t even know the pattern, she thinks so positively AND SO NAIVE that no pattern for her exists in her life.. well.. lets go to sleep see what tomorrow brings.

Some Roses from the GRANDMOTHERS garden!

Jun12, Day23

Calling in will power, self-love, trust, releasing deception, fear, judgement, …

Jun13,14,15,16, Day 24,25,26,27

Maja was not chanting, only Neli was chanting. Maja moved to Greece and stared a new job. Neli was supporting THE ENERGY. Every time in case one of us is not able to chant, the other one is chanting for her. It works the same. We love the system and mantra stays alive with our intentions. Energy is working beyond space and time!

On the airport going to Greece To the island of Mermaids, my favorite Corfu.

Jun17, Day28

No inner vision. The energy was worming left kidney. Left Kidney we heard is about distorted feminine energy, over giving. So my ladies, first is YOU, THAN IS OTHERS!

Jun18, Day29

Live the life in your way, by listening to your soul.

Jun19, Day30

Energy was worming and healing lower back.

Jun20, Day31


Jun21, Day32


Jun22, Day33


Jun23, Day34

Have more fun girl! Being to serious god dammit!

Jun24, Day35 FULL MOON DAY

Give, put a price, receive!

Full moon ritual. On this day I saw beautiful yellow butterflies all around the island. We put our intentions to the universe, to ground our work and energy. For the greatest good for all, healing body, mind and allowing spirit to come. Nelis daughter Luana got a job, she stated to work. Thank you, Lakshmi thank you, Luana, good job. Second job granted while chanting mantra, only Neli waiting for her job to come. Maja and Luana are fine for now.

Jun25, Day36

Neli started to work as well. Bravo Neli!

Jun26, Day37

Neli lost a job. Total panic.

Neli: “Lakshmi, what would you like to tell me?”

Lakshmi: “Let’s continue building castles in the sky. They will always remain in the sky if you will not put the foundations under them.”

Jun27, Day38

Heart and brain coherence. Express what you feel. We always do the same mistake by wanting to please other people, we say the things we think people will like so we are not honoring our being. Speak from your heart good news or bad news. No right or wrong what comes from the heart is always aligned. We support you!

Jun28, Day39

Fear and projecting OLD NEGATIVE movies in the brain is our EGO. Say what you desire with no guilt, no doubt.

Jun29, Day40

What abundance means for you? Abundance is our natural state. See, feel, and perceive the abundance of life here and now!

Jun30, Day41, we did 41 instead of 40 because we forgot to count properly. This is how grounded we are!

Nelly lost her car key. She paid 190 euros for decoding.

  1. Lakshmi: »If you want to realize desires, you have to be here and now. The mantra ends, when the mantra ends.«
  2. Lakshmi: »
    You need a key to lock or open the door. The key is internal leadership. Find your key.«
Maja in Greece found Keys for Nelo in Slovenia! Here you go Nelo. Which one? There are 5 keys here! Panic again haha no is just a joke!

Well guys this is how our journey ends with Maha Lakshmi. Every day was very beautiful and special. It was so much going on. We EXPERIENCED ALL the emotions, from total panic to total feeling of love, appreciation, acceptance also miracles. I forgot to tell you, that we started with the Keys and ended with the Keys. By day 2 we received the key to enter the church of Maria the Snow. We were visiting the same church almost a year and doing our practices nearby in almost untouched pure nature. The church was always closed, not opened to the public. It was a possibility to as for a KEY and go alone to visit inside. After day 2 of chanting mantra Lakshmi we felt it was the right time to ask for a KEY. WE ASKED THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE VILLAGE AND THE ANSWER WAS YES. We received the keys. Now you see how much importance has the art of asking of what do you need or what do you want. If you are afraid to ask or do not ask, you can not get it. We also saw how hard it was for us to ask, of course everyone is afraid of rejection or the NO ANSWER. WELL, receiving the KEY, was a great privilege for us. We cleaned the church and brought some fresh flowers. it was beautiful experience. The present of the spirit was everywhere! That moment for us was total Abundance! ABUNDANCE OF LIFE!

Thank you guys for reading the messages. Feel free to share our content, in this way you support our work, so we can create more messages for as many people as we can reach. Again also, take only what resonates and leave the rest. This are all general messages coming from a place where we are right now. The energies are also changing every day and we are expanding very quickly as individuals and collective. Everyone is on individual journey and we respect and support each and every one. Thank you!

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