Balancing our divine feminine and masculine energies with 40 days Radha Krishna Challenge! 108 times!

Read down bellow our day to day journey how we Transformed our negative patterns! get your own idea and energetic push on how you can transform yours!

What is the Radha Krishna Challenge and how it works?

Hi Guys. We are Maja and Neli, two witches working on a spiritual ascension. We decided to do the second round of mantra challenge with the clear intention to balance our feminine and masculine energies within our system. As always, the experience was beyond our expectations and down below you can read day by day, how our healing journey went.

How had worked for us? and how it can help you?

We chanted mantra Om Radha Krishnaye Namaha, for 40 days at the same time, 8am in the morning every day with the clear INTENTION, to break our limited believes, old patterns which are no longer serving us, for the highest good of all. We had our individual intention which was to balance our feminine and masculine energies. Rada represents our feminine site and Krishna our masculine site. We were inviting these Divine energies to enter our bodies, helping us to remember who we truly are.

We are sharing this to inspire you, give you some love, courage and knowing that when one person comes to the loving space within themselves, is the pillar for others to do the same. This 40-day journey with my close friend Neli was amazing, unbelievable, the whole world around us started to change for the better while we were chanting this sacred mantra. It was not easy. Sometimes also extremely difficult to process all the emotions which were coming to the surface. At the end of the day, all is never ending story, why not making it the best story of your life.  Dear reader, please Enjoy the article. Have in mind there are not just words YOU ARE READING, but THIS ARTICLE is energetically charged and has the power to shine a light on you to give you exactly what you need. Let us know what you think or write in case you want to chant with us.

Day 1, March15, 2021

Deep hatred towards men. Seeing sickness in old patterns with most of our love relationships. Everything is based on codependency, not respecting the woman, hatred towards man. Roads full of blood. Forgiveness, how can I forgive the father? He did the best he could for you, STILL roads full of blood. The voice is saying- You are not alone, someone or something is there chanting with you supporting you even though you cannot see. Do not rush, you do not have anything to achieve. Working on heart chakra. Self-respect. Working on ourselves gradually, from day to day. You can change yourself only step by step. Let go of hatred, anger, and revenge. 

Day2, March16 2021

Release all your burdens. Allow yourself to start a new cycle. Mantra was working a lot on a lower back. Take back your power. Take back your power. Do not overthink. Love is energy, which needs to be constantly in motion.

Day3, March17,2021

You really do not have to push to become someone or to do something or to achieve something. You do not have to do that. Chill ACTION. Divine masculine is healing the distorted masculine pattern, and the divine feminine is healing the distorted feminine patterns.

Day4, March18 2021

You are in energy of queen of cups. She is emotionally stable, she is no longer in need to control the external situations. She is not restricting herself, she is no longer defensive, or she does not feel guilty. She sticks to her emotions, and she is expressing all she feels with love kindness and compassion. She is not forcing her emotional expressions to others, nor she does not hold them back!

Day5, March 19, 2021

Who likes to be wrong? If we have extraordinarily strong believes, we do not like to accept that we are wrong. Allowing yourself that you could be wrong is so liberating, beyond your imagination. You also release your expectations. The outcome is not as important as it was, as you allow yourself different outcomes or even better than your imagination has created. It can be better always for you, do not limit yourself to the same as your believes are telling you. It is ok to be wrong. More than that. It is crucial to know that EVEN IF you are ONE million percent sure in your right, is a million percent. WRONG! AND IS OK. Mantra was healing deeply FEAR, ANXIETY, past situations. The past emotional issues came to the surface and surprised us how real they seemed.

Day6, March20, 2021

Leaving the PAST BEHIND! How can we leave the past behind, or even the future? The mind can never solve things. It is about embodiment!

Day7, March21,2021

Leave your burdens behind. How to drop the old burdens they were there for so long? Old is dying.

Day8, March22, 2021

Energetic boundaries are starting to take form.  Calling back our power. Peace, new life, self-love. You can never feel free, until you accept every part of yourself, even the most hidden ones.     

Day9, March23, 2021

Boundaries and forgiveness. I forgive my own being because I ignored him/her, and because I allowed that other peoples energies had impact on my own existence. I am less angry, because I felt betrayed, left out in the cold or because I had no power to defend myself and no knowledge to stay in my light. Now I do not take other people’s reactions personally, as I know it is all reflection of my own existence.

Day10, March24

It is safe for you to express yourself, as it is important to stay in your truth and energy. As long as your expressions are coming from love and highest good for all involved, you must know you are safe, protected, and you do not need to worry about anything. We were releasing revenge, resentment. We embodied knowing that we came here to release our old patterns not only for ourselves, but for our family lineage as well. Your being is limitless. Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, heavens got a plan for you.

Day11, March25

Do not rush. Ground your energy, heal your grounding cord with mother earth. Ground your light, but not in distorted masculine way. Do not rush, rather act with grace and tenderness. Allow the process to unfold naturally.

Day12, March26

When you know who you are, when you are connected with you, you are not angry anymore. You radiate unconditional love. Here and now. Now is the moment for you. Choose you!

Day13, March27

We found safe space and security within us. This feeling comes and goes. It is still not integrated completely. Maja and Neli never felt this before. Fear was guiding our whole life before we started to heal our feminine and masculine energies. There is no one from outside of the world that is going to hurt you when you find this feeling. Even if we still get triggers, we detach emotionally quicker than ever before and take it as a blessing.

Day14, March28 FULL MOON

BOUNDARIES BOUNDARIES BOUNDARIES. This is the right time to believe in love. Say what you want with no guilt and shame. This is you! Remember who you are!

Day15, March29

Releasing expectations. Practicing detachment!

Day16, March30

If you feel anger, it is always because you gave your power away to something or somebody else. Who am I! Remember! When you are closer to your higher self everything seems easy. Unfortunately this doesn’t last forever. Real life slaps us all the time!

Day 17, March31

I do not remember who am I??? Remember!

Day18, April1, Maya’s birthday


Day 19, April2

New morning, new month, new day! New life! What do you want to create for yourself? Divine partnership. Maja’s energy changed, she felt love and gratitude for him. Finally, she is getting ready to allow herself to be loved and cherished as she dreamed of. Are we waiting for true love to come to us??! No more waiting!

Day20, April3

Everything is change, also love is change. Life is a constant change. Romantic love as it is described in Christianity and in romantic movies is fading away. We are on a path to a higher love. It is not based on codependency, fear, attachments. Extremely hard to comprehend, easier to write. Maybe we are lucky, and we can experience this in this lifetime.

Day21, April4

A lot of sadness, how deeply our past relationship hurt us. Forgiving ourselves for staying in toxic situations and toxic state of being. Forgive because you didn’t allow yourself to live your life fully. WE DIDNT KNOW BETTER! If you want to be free, let other people bee free. We are just stuck in our heads.

Day22, April5

Compassion, the power of the feminine! Healing all the past wounds.

Day23, April6

Equal importance and balance between feminine and masculine energies. The wound is where the LIGHT ENTERS. (Rumi)!

Day24, april7

THE POWER OF THE FEMININE WOOMB! The womb is not a place to store sadness, fear and suffering. The womb is a place to creation and birth of a new life. From the book Sisterhood from Rebecca Cambell.

Day25, April8

Trust, the masculine energy follows the feminine. Leap of faith! Trust! She is afraid he will not follow, Neli is supporting her that she does not fall back to old negativity.

Day26, April9

Leap of faith. It is safe. Jump! Trust!

Day27, April 10

He made a space for her to chant the mantra in the morning at his house. She felt deep gratitude, love, support, she never felt before. This day was noticeably big step, masculine energy supporting the feminine. She feels save and in her power, to create new life. This happened in real life, not only on an energetic level. Strong energy pillar was made, and deep safe space and love was felt all over the place.

Day28, April11

Neli throw up in the middle of the mantra. So, you know how strong cleansing effect the challenge has. Radha Krishna is working mostly on the heart chakra. I am , I feel , I do, I love, I speak, I see, I know.

Day29, April 12, 2021

I am love. What is love? I can feel and I create through love only. You must see beyond the problems of the people around you. Planting the seeds. We were supporting the wrong man and we lost all our power, due to lack of our own integrity and no boundaries. Creation, power is love. The universe is supporting you when you ask yourself what is the best intention for all and choose the right actions which is again, for the highest good of all.

Day30, April 13, 2021

Healing father daughter relationship. It is a lot about forgiveness, forgiving him, he could do the best he could at that moment. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness and acceptance. It is what it is. Making new vision for the life you are living, from moment till moment.

Day31, April14 2021

Life is a game.  Do not make yourself extra burdens.  The whole world system is based on distorted masculine. We are working and healing the feminine. Masculine will follow! Vortex will pull. Because all women were distorted, we created for ourselves suffering, fights and sadness, anger and hatred. Feminine free, let her bee!

Day32, April15 2021

Boundaries.  Boundaries. Not enough to intellectually know what is going on. Real life, real life. Trust in your own power! Trust!! Trust baby you don’t even know how much power you have. Do not fall back. Don’t fall back. There is only ONE path that will lead you to the stars. Crashing the old system down! Cry, throw up, scream, BUT don’t go back! You are supported! More than you know.

Day33, April16 2021

Release control.  You don’t have to work hard. Allow! Working hard is an old system, not new. Release control, the opportunity will come when you do not worry about anything. It will not happen on an old way you have in your mind. New way is creating, beyond your mind expectations. ALLOW!

Day34, April April17

When you gain, all other people gain. Do not hide your being anymore from this world. Do not hide anymore. Tell who you are, what you want, what you need! No shame, no guild, just be you. That is the biggest gift, blessing for you and others. BE YOU! Express yourself!

Day35 April18

No need to explain, no need to talk. Be quiet and do your own business. The right people will find you!


Release the prejudices! Do not make false accusations, it will block your energy. Stay open, to experience different outcome, soul expansion and growth.

Day37 April20

Old illusions out from the system! We have some many illusions about life. Most of the time we are playing our own illusion which started from our past traumas. With the clear intention, you start to see clearer and brighter. Illusions out! This is not you and is not serving you or anybody else. Being alone and feeling alone is a feeling we have, however is not real is just an illusion!

Day38 April21

Old patterns all falling and are no longer working. In case you want to play your life from your old, updated patterns you will suffer more strongly. Nothing old will work anymore. Have as much compassions as you can for you and others. What have we done to each other??? No more!

Day39, April22

Still do not rush, do not have a feeling that you have to rush to do something. You are invited to accept the reality as it is, being really grounded. No roses and flowers all the time but is fine.  Find stillness in the moment. Accepting the reality as it is! Feeling of I want to achieve or change something is still not going to work. Extremely hard process, but no other way.

Day40, April23

Remaining with the scars and codependency issues, however not so strongly as few years ago. This month chanting Radha Krishna was the best time of my life, spending with my best friend Neil and a very dear person who is holding my feminine energy Tai. We were at the beginning of the stages practicing how the real divine feminine energies and masculine energies work together. We helped each other as we could and gave each other as much love as we could. Shining the healing light on our scars.  Thanking so much to Taj, he showed us the potential of the Divine Masculine energy and he spoiled us with everything we wanted at the right time.  And thanking my dear friend Neli as the journey is so fun with her no doubt.

All in all, is always about finding the love and connection and fullness within. Dancing with someone else is much more difficult as you must know exactly where your boundaries are and of course you see a lot how much you are codependent on their energy field.  Knowing we all have our own source of energy and when we connect with each other is not a bondage like it was before but is a sacred place of joy and happiness. It is beginning of a new relationship pattern.  It is not easy, but it will be worth it! Thank you for reading, sending you Blessing and Love.

A dance of female and male energy. It can be playfully affectionate, respectful. Dance of the second, fourth and sixth / seventh chakras.
But first comes self-love, self-acceptance. Thus we step into our emotional, down-to-earth power. Healthy male energy replaces distorted from father, healthy female energy replaces distorted from mother.
Emotional wholeness does not attack, control, or condemn, it only observes and chooses what is in harmony with it. And then the imbalance disappears. We seek warmth in relationships, goodness that replaces the superficial games beneath which eternal struggle lurks. When you are on a higher vibration, every word is important. Unfortunately, the wrong models of past relationships are projected through expectations into the future. 

I am love, I feel love, I act with love, love glows in all directions. I speak in the name of love, I see love all around me, the source is love. I am love, creator, bliss. I am divine masculine and divine femminine integration, I shine, I can put my love on everybody. I can change, I can transmute, I can control myself with love for myself.

We try to maintain this state of mind from moment to moment. And because of this we honor ourselves even more. From moment to moment.

Sending you soo much love. Let us know what do you think about the challenge. You can write to us in case you wanna do the next challenge with us. It IS MUCH POWERFUL WHEN MORE PEOPLE GATTHER TOGETHER FOR THE GREATEST POURPUSE AND THE EFFECT IS MUCH STRONGER.

Maja and Neli

Slovenska Obala, May 2021

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