pick a card! challenge your perception! the mind or the hearth?

Beautiful people, honored that you share a space with me. Today you can choose from deck n.1 on the left with divine Radha Krishna, or deck n.2 on the right, with Lord Shiva and Shakti! Look with your inner eye and choose one or two options. Please take only what resonates and leave the rest. This messages are Sita’s intuitive writing with the intention to uplift the energies and transform our shadows. Sita is not native English, so thank you for understanding. It is what it is, the energy is powerful though.

deck n.1 Radha Krishna love message!

Radha Krishna deck is talking all about opening the heart, connecting with nature, finishing the old and starting the new cycle. Radha is singing, look at the importance to the energy of the Divine Feminine. Krishna is saying, do not take it so hard on yourself. It is a journey of your life, where you are is exactly where you need to be. Your guides will never put you in a place where you are not meant to be. Why is that so? Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. This reason is learning your lesson. When you learn the lesson, you finish the old karmic cycle, AND YOU MOVE ON WITH NO EXEPTIONS. So in case you still feel stuck, ask yourself, what is the lesson to learn?

The most powerful and amazing card is the WORLD. You got the world card! That is so amazing! It symbolizes a new beginning, old cycle completion. You are on a path to start something completely new. What is that? Only you know what do you want to create. You just finished one karmic cycle and you did it. Spirit is immensely proud of you and is congratulating you. Also, with the card nine of pentacles, I am sensing like, you really have everything in your life! There is a sense of almost a completion. You are abundant, you are beautiful inside and out, you have a lot of knowledge. It could be, that you are a little stuck just in your mind. The mind is playing a game with you, just a little bit haha, to all of us don’t worry. You are almost happy, but you SOMETIMES ARE not.  You feel like, if I just get that one thing, I will be happy. If I just get that new thing, I will be completely in a different energetic space. if I could just get rid of that thing..,,,you know what I mean. You feel something is missing in your life. Maybe a lover, maybe another job, maybe you want to move somewhere else, or you want to travel, maybe you miss the freedom because of this world crisis.

Beautiful soul, we all feel this collective feelings, Struggles and thoughts come into the mind, what if something is still missing, or we feel unhappiness about not having something that we wish for. I will challenge you with one question. Look at your situation and take credit for what you have accomplished so far. Can you imagine 2 years ago, you were so deeply wishing for a thing that at the end of the day it came true, but you already forgot. Now you are in this place of wish fulfilment but still not happy, because you have another wish, or you are just thinking what you could have done better.

The page of swords card is advising you not to compare yourself with others, do not TRY to live the story of others, have courage and faith in yourself. The beautiful two deities they are together in love. They represent the divine aspect of our masculine and feminine energies. We were programmed to look outside of us, in search for happiness, peace, love, abundance, but this is not true. Ow my beautiful soul, I am also on a same journey as you are, stepping together to a higher frequency of unconditional love we are learning to give to ourselves and to others. 

Radha Krishna is reminding you not to forget of a daily routine. We can learn and improve to infinity, at the end of the day it matters how we operate in a real world, with our families, neighbors, friends and what kind of attitude we hold to ourselves. Very important thing is to ground your energetic system in order to invite light and love into your body.  The more you will connect with nature, the more you will ground and the more you will feel protection, peace, and divine guidance. When you walk do not just walk, stay present, connect, feel, listen, and allow for the gods grace to touch your heart. You are loved, you are not alone, and you never were. You carry the wisdom and answers for all your questions. This is your message and this is your journey. From an inspiration of my friend he says make it as best as you can! Thank you, Blessings….


your cards deck.n 1 Radha Krishna

Deck n.2 Shiva Parvati love message!

You are ready for the next level. If you choose deck number two with Lord Siva and Parvati, the energy of this deck is transformative in a big sense. The energy of Shiva holds a great destructive. When something is destroyed it makes space for something new to be created. This is where you are at this moment. Maybe it was not easy, but you did it! Be proud of yourself! The the death card in the deck, which was pulled for this deck is confirming that you are not the same person as you used to be. You changed, you did a lot of healing work and a lot of shadow work. You are not the same any more!

The king of cups is telling you that you are emotionally ready for the next level. You are ready to help other people on their journeys. To step higher on our spiritual journeys we need to challenge our perception. When we challenge our perception, we are looking our situation from a higher perspective and we become more of an observer, not so much attached to our physical realities. We know we are energetic beings in our physical bodies having a human experience. You are walking away to an old you, you have grown so much, and you are not the same anymore. Drop all the ideas and believes of what you are ,drop all, DROP an old you. Do not hold it anymore, because as I told you, YOU already healed, you are not the same! You changed and now you are ready for the next chapter in your life, where you will use your gifts for the highest good. You know that abundance is all around you, and you also feel abundant. You know the universe and our mother earth is nurturing you and giving you all you need. There is no need for a survival mode anymore, even though this program exists in our system by the times of our ancestors. You came here to change this. You came here to transform the old energies, to heal them and to bring love peace and happiness. You gained a wisdom and knowledge now to create your own ideas, bring them to fruition and share them with the world.

This is from Sita’s part and down bellow is in addition what I found on google! I found it beautiful so I will share it also in your message! Love and Blessings!

And by applying the magical essence of Shiva’s consort Parvati every day, you have the ability to grow and improve your life in productive and enjoyable ways.

The ability to invoke the powers of Shiva and Parvati are particularly relevant for destroying bad habits and addictions – the hardest challenges you face in life.

Deck n. 2 Shiva and Parvati

Thank you guys for reading the messages. Feel free to share my content, in this way you support my work, so I can create more messages for as many people as I can reach. Again also, take only what resonates and leave the rest. This are all general messages coming from a place where I am right now. The energies are also changing every day and we are also expanding very quickly. Everyone is on individual journey and we respect and support each and every one. Thank you!

Sita on March17, 2021

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