black feather

Black feather crossed the road,
as I was walking down the shore!
Heard the message, 
shocked me to the core!

You crossed the realms of the planet Earth,
went on a journey to a new rebirth!
I can not help myself, to drop some tears,
Still holding to so many scars and fears!

Blessed that you choose to spend some time with me, 
Giving Unconditional, no man could truly see.
You came to heal the broken hearts,
You did it with your smelly farts.

Learn to die before you die, I somewhere read,
Did I loved you enough is in my mind instead!
Thank you so much for taking care of me,
I am crying knowing that now you are free!

Love you soo much, Om Trayambakam 108 times!

M.C.  March15, 2021, Ankaran
Bella the Bulldog!

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