pick a card! TAROT message! SHIVA AND SHAKTI LOVERS DANCE! feb25, 2021

Pick your message
, 1. Feather, 2. Rose, 3. Guardian Angel

Om Namah Shivaya guys. Another pick a card message is here. You are invited to take a look at all the decks. Which card deck pulls you the most? Do you feel guided to the feather, the rose or perhaps the guardian angel symbol? Scroll down to read your divine message. ENJOY, RELAX, TUNE IN, OPEN UP, RECIEVE, ALOW MORE FULLY FOR YOUR BEEING TO EXPERIENCE YOUR TRUE NATURE! OM OM OM

Apart from the “real life”, apart from what do we want to achieve, apart from our daily concerns and obligations and duties, it is enjoyable to take time for our “inner being”. Down bellow are messages, for you, to encourage you, uplift you, inspire you, make you expand in consciousness or even trigger you perhaps in order to free you from the old patterns you are holding to tightly for to long. Beautiful soul, you are reading this for a purpose. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Only you know, what is the best for you, and no one else does. Enjoy the messages, I love you all.


Symbolizing ..FREEDOM, DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY, NEW LIFE, NEW PROJECT, NEW YOU, NEW CREATION, FREEDDOM IN emotions in mind in all of your beeing!


Beautiful soul, thank you for taking your time and reading this message. You chose deck number one, with the feather as a symbol. This deck represents very strong embodiment of divine feminine energies. Again feminine energy is not gender related, if you are a man reading this you will also get a message. We all embody a part of the feminine and a part of the masculine energies. Sometimes we are more receptive and operate in our feminine energy, sometimes we are task oriented, and use our masculine energy. If you choose this deck, you are guided to fully embrace and embody the feminine within. What does this mean? It means, not doing things, but allowing things to happen. Trusting that feminine is the creative force within you. You got the cards> queen of water, embrace the feminine, and the Queen of Pentacles in reverse. My dear lord, 3 queens. This is very powerful message that your intuition is on point, you are in touch of your guidance, you are very intuitive and very empathic person. And now is the time for you to truly embody all this qualities and bring this qualities in to the earth plane or in to daily life. For empaths sometimes the real life is much harder, and we live more in our “dream” worlds, however, beautiful soul, you did not come to this earth to only dream and live in the clouds. Your cards are 3 queens whispering you, connect with other like minded people. You can not do things all by yourself. Time to connect baby! It is also time to create the new word for you, to give birth to your own creations, dreams, or even for some who wish to have children, to allow yourself to create a family in case this is your wish. Some people also want to create better earth, new school system for our children to learn about energy and the list is endless. The global idea of a new creation is also the society which is non corruptive, which is supportive, with different system of healing,.. , we could use technology for the highest good, not for destroying ourselves, we could watch for one another and not live like predators in fear and comparison. Lets create something amazing on this planet! That is why each and every part of your being is important. Your creations are important. Ok back to your personal message. Queen of pentacles in reverse is telling you that now is also the time to start earning big money. Ground your energy, all that you have learned and share your divine being to others. Share your creativity, your gifts. Believe me when I say, that you have a special gift that others need. Do not stop if you do not get rewards right away. Also do not over give, more focus on grounding your being firstly. You need to set yourself free first in order to give more to others. When your creations will come to life you will lead as an example, but before that happens do not over give yourself with time energy or money! Do not be like a wind, ground ground ground and practice determination and will power that you are gonna make it and that for everyone is our birthright to achieve the freedom in all aspects of our being. blessings TO YOU BEUTIFUL SOUL. om om om

p.s. feminine energy… accept your mother as a mother figure, Forgive her, she did the best she could. Send her love. Embrace all the beautiful women as a friends not enemies, as one women success is your success. If you are a man. Accept your mother, forgive her, also embrace the feminine site of your being balancing it with the masculine energies. Let the Shiva and shakti dance together in your heart. It is in you the Divine!

 “Feathers appear when Angels are near” The feather is a metaphor for our lives – while we are blown randomly about by the wind, we ALWAYS have a choice in the way that we respond to what life hands us.

Deck n.2 FEEL


You have a courage of a lion, so you can embrace your emotions and set them free!

Beautiful soul, I am truly grateful that you took your time to read this message. Your main message is to FEEL! Feel all your emotions. ALL OF THEM! Yes, maybe at this point in time they are not nice, maybe you feel terrible heartbreak, terrible frustration, anxiety, fear or also anger. Yes this are your emotions. And it is normal to feel emotions. This emotions are not better than feeling happy, joyful, cheerfully. It doesn’t mean that when you feel lower emotions, that you are not supposed to feel them, or that you have to hide them. My beautiful soul, Your message in this deck is so important. Your spirit guides are telling you decide! Decide on what? Maybe you have some options, maybe you are considering some options regarding particular situation. Decide ONLY TO INVEST IN YOU! Now is the perfect time to read some books, to invest in your being, not to decide about something else. Invest in you and believe me, you will be payed off. Maybe get some training about what interests you. What you always wanted to learn, invest in that. Or if this is some kind of spiritual thing as yoga, meditation course, or perhaps you want to take a healing session. Take it! Or invest something completely different in dancing, art, sports, whatever your souls really enjoys. To go back to your emotions. I know it doesn’t help a lot to say this, however I will say it anyways. When you are low, you appreciate high. In the dark moments we grow, we learn and we expand. There is no judgement about setting free and feeling your emotions. They are teaching you a lesson. have courage do not give up. You are on a breakthrough. By experiencing all the different kind of feelings and allowing them to flow thru you, you will learn. You have the power not to be depressed or sad. Why is that? Because you have this power. Take responsibility for your emotions! Yes we can also pick up other peoples emotions, but still this is not the reason to feel low energy! It means that if you could pick up low emotions you can pick up also high emotions. Try it it is more fun and more beautiful. When you feel lower emotions is all fine, sit with them meditate and also my beautiful soul express them also. It is all a lesson to teach you how to love yourself and others more fully and more unconditionally. You see when you are stuck in lower emotions you block your energy for the divine and for the beautiful creative energy you are. I mean is ok to feel sad, lonely or maybe stuck in some point, but not be in this moments for too long, they will become your pattern. And of course we don’t want that. Again HAVE COURAGE! Now is the time to trust in yourself and have confidence that you will overcome all. In case no one believes in you, I BELIEVE IN YOU, and you have all my support. Feel it! Feel that you are supported, FEEL that you are not alone in this, Feel the presence of the divine, Feel that you are a part of the DIVINE, feel the DIVINE IN YOU! I love you my beautiful. Walk your path now with confidence and strength of a lion, with a loving heart. OM OM OM

The meaning of pink roses can stand for femininity, elegance, refinement, and sweetness. … A deep or hot pink rose can convey gratitude, appreciation, recognition and is a great way to say “thank you,” while a light or pale pink rose conveys grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness.

Deck n.3 BELIEVE



Om Namah Shivaya beautiful soul and thank you soo much for reading this message. If you have chosen this deck, it means that you are finishing the old cycle. You still however have some duties before you truly break free from it. This deck is represented by the guardian angel which means trusting in the divine, and at the same time, taking inspired action as well. When I pulled the cards for deck n.3, I immediately sensed strong divine masculine energy. I love when the divine masculine shows up. If you are a woman reading this message, it means it is time to truly embrace the masculine aspect in your being. If you are a man reading this, it means it is time for you to step in to your own power divine masculine. This message has more scenarios as well so please take what resonates and leave the rest. What does it mean to embrace the divine masculine? To tell you the truth I do not really know completely, but what I do know is. …Lead and step in to your own power not with the judgements and force, but with gentleness and compassion. Be active, speak your truth, again with love and compassion. Finish what you have started. I believe we are in a very transformative period also in regards of how our relationships are support to be. Divine masculine follows and supports the divine feminine energies. It means that he is not afraid to be in touch with his emotions, he provides for THE family, he is reliable, stable, supportive, driven. It means no more aggression, no more controlling, no more unsupportiveness and no more criticism. If you are a female or male reading this it doesn’t matter we all have this qualities. So lets release together control, aggression, criticism, blame, anger .. you must know what you criticize in others you criticize in yourself, if you are unsupportive to others you do not support yourself, if you are angry to others you are angry to yourself. And so many if if if hahaha. I get chills when someone tells me if you do not do this you will… I get chills for real I hate this. However I have to put in sentence somehow what your message is. I do not want to tell you if you will not do this you will bee. bla bla bal. No! I just wanted to explain in a sentence with no judgements, Even though you are controlling or angry well… you still are divine being and I am not a god to tell you what to do. To continue with your message you RECIEVED Page of cups. If you are a woman reading, it means get ready to receive the love offer. And plese let me know when offer comes to you. For all the man out there reading this, page of cups wants to tell you please for the gods sake express how you feel. Let her know that you love her. In case you die tomorrow you will not regret it. Hahaah. Do not dwell on past mistakes, what is done is done. Today is a new day to begin the new cycle. Do not wait for the other incarnation. Hahaha again the joke. The world at this point in time needs for sure more love. Everyone wants to hear I love you right. So just say it. For all my ladies say I love you to your dads. Thank them, forgive them in case you feel hurt, and tell them you love them. If you have brothers, also tell them you love them. It is not easy to say embrace the masculine. This is the energy and somehow you can feel it. It helps if you chant mantras maybe Siva mantra and than you feel the presence of the masculine energy. If you have other mantra to chant try it. To me, I felt the presence of masculine provider chanting the Surya Mantra. Surya is the sun. Sun is represented as a masculine, Moon on the other hand as feminine. Connect with the energy of the sun and his power and teaching. You can explore by yourself what does the Divine Masculine means for you, if it means or maybe you really not resonate at all with these aspects is also fine. You can call them also Jing and Jang, Siva, Shakti, or maybe you are an genderqueer being and you completely outside the gender binary. To conclude your love message. Everyone has to feel it to truly embody it and recognize it. That is why you explore, take actions, do not overthink, and trust that you GUARDINA ANGEL is showing you the way. Your path is unique. You are writing your own story and you are exploring your unique divinity. Sending you so much Blessings, support and Love. Sita

Thank you for taking the time and reading the article.

Let me know and comment down below which card deck did you choose, and if it resonated with you. Sending you Love, yours Sita

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Disclaimer> Please be advice as a disclaimer, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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