which card deck do you feel pulled the most?deck n.1 GREEN TOURMALINE, deck n2. RED JASPER OR deck n.3 TIGER EYE crystal?

Hi Beautiful Soul and welcome to Divine Love Journey. I am so happy that you are here. I prepared for you another pick a card. Please listen to your intuition and choose the deck you feel pulled to the most. Look at the 3 decks of cards on your right, and choose the right one for you. Do not overthink. The first feeling is usually correct. Than scroll down and read your message. Also not all the messages will resonate with everyone, take what resonates and leave the rest. I am encouraging you also to listen to your own guidance. Hope you will enjoy the reading as I did when I was preparing it. If you want a personal message, click the link bellow and email me. You are also welcome to donate and support my work so that I can continue to share the messages. Thank you.

Deck number 1 green tourmaline crystals , Deck number 2 red jasper, Deck n.3 Tiger Eye


Cards you received: six of cups, queen of swords, you were born to create and embrace the dark!

Thank you so much beautiful being, for choosing deck number one. You were pulled to the energy of the deck and also the energy of amazing green aventurine and green fluorite crystals. The energy I picked up for you, was from both, crystals and cards combined. Immediately what I sensed in deck number one was your throat chakra wants to be unblocked. This energy came out the strongest. What does it mean for you? Your heart is already open, you feel the unconditional love, you are doing the spiritual practices and you really want to help others as well. You crave a little bit for a past relationship, or maybe something that happened in the past, maybe just the so called normal life we had before this pandemic happened. At this point of time, for you beautiful soul, is really important to continue speaking your truth in a loving way with clear boundaries. You matured enough, dealt with your shadows and also helped a lot of people in your process. You are an old soul, who needs to embrace not only the good parts of your being but also your shadow parts. Know that you are not judged and that it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. For example, you can not be functioning in a sense all is well, everything is fine and ignore your lower emotions. If you feel sad, express it, is ok, if you feel angry at something or someone, is ok, express it. Do not be afraid that other people will not accept you. You have to honor first your own divine being in order for you to be able to help others more fully. If you are in a company where you still please people. That needs to change. You need to address your emotions , your needs, your wants, no matter what. It is called self love. Stop trying to be perfect. It is an never ending story, this game trying to be perfect. You see, your shadows are perfect. Why? Within the shadows the stars can not be seen. Bam, this was strong. You see. Shadows are also a part of your being and is ok, if they come out. You do not have to be all the time in the state in love, and all is fine. We all have ups and downs. Your shadows are calling you to addressed them and not repress them. When you will address the dark sides of yourself, your voice will unblock more, and the energy will flow more fully. Yes you are so brave encouraging other people, and you are a rock for the people in need, however you also have to express your being in case something is bothering you. Spirit is asking you to shine the light more on how are you expressing your true true self to others. Also the spirit is reminding you , that you came in this planet to co create with the Divine. Yes, you sacrificed a lot for others, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sabotage your wishes or desires. You came here to learn, expand and build a life you have preplanned to live. It is not supposed to be hard and struggle, it is fun and easy, depends on how open we are to our Devine guidance. In order to create something new, you have to forget about the past. If you had past traumas, issues or maybe also something which you want to repeat and relive again, just forget about it. What was in the past stays in the past. Every day is a new Blessing and a new day with a new energy nd with new possibilities, always, always, always far more exciting than any day before. So stop fantasizing about the past! Know the power of the universe in infinite. Open yourself to these forces, and trust the universe has something even better for you. You were born to create. Create beauty and inspire a desire with others to do the same Create a future that both fulfils and delights. Do what you were born to do. I Support YOU. You are not alone. Spirit Guides are always protecting you for the highest good. Do not be to harsh on yourself and to perfectionist. All is well now, you did it, just allow the things to come to you.

Down bellow I put an explanation of how the crystals can heal you and help you. I am not an expert in that field so I googled it. What I got as an energy from those stones is a lot of comfort, a lot of support. Do not overthink to much and bring yourself back to the heart chakra center and not the head space. Also nature can heal and help you. This is from my part and what I got from them, down bellow you have some more explanation. Much love, Sita

Green Fluorite is a stone of growth and renewal helping us to connect with nature and align with the natural order of the universe. A Heart Chakra crystal, Green Fluorite helps to heal heartache, past trauma and emotional wounds enabling us to open our hearts to love.

When life feels like $h!t just hit the fan and you’re ready to turn your luck around, look no further than green aventurine. Known as a stone for prosperity, success, abundance, and good luck, carrying a piece of this crystal in your pocket, wallet, or on your altar will flow good fortune to you. Aventurine is a heart chakra stone, its always ready to rouse those feelings of far-flung love and fantasy but in a way that feels strong and healthy, ever ready to raise you up. It’s a comforter, a harmonizer, and a super handy stone to have stashed on the self for all those who want to bring a little more luck into their world. Whether you need a little flush of added wealth, an extra abundance of love and friendship, or just a bit more growth, Aventurine wants one thing – for you to succeed in all your amazing endeavors, no matter how big or small they may be. (Aventurine Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses – Tiny Rituals)

Deck number 2 RED JASPER ENERGY!

The cards you received: The Magician, The Judgement, 2 of coins, See Yourself in nature, Do not fear the unknown!

Hello beautiful soul and thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read the energetic message. If you choose deck number two, your energy is really supper unsettled, all over the place hahaha. It is like a small child who wishes to do everything and with a little bit of restlessness and lack of focus. I sensed a lot of energy, a lot of desire with a ton of confusion as well. Beautiful soul who choose the deck number two, You tried so many things, you are scattered all over the place. Do not get me wrong, I am not judging and also I mean it in a good way. I personally resonate with the pile number two and I know how you feel. Actually you enjoy this energy. You are also very funny person who likes to live the good life. You have explored a lot, and your have so many ideas on what are you wishing to manifest. You are still choosing the path which is unique and authentic for you, however you are not completely sure if you found it jet. You have to know beautiful soul, that this is your live, so no one can teach you and no one can show you what your true path is. This is the time with the Judgement card, that you see yourself from the higher perspective. You got the teachings, now you have to use those teachings, take what resonates in them, be grateful for them, but still learn to listen to your own guiding system. You are on a journey now to discover, that we are all connected, you are not here just to make a living. You are so much more than you think. You are connected to the nature, other beings and the whole universe. The guides are asking you also to pay attention in case you still judge yourself and other beings. Know that, whatever you are in energy of judging others, no matter how terrible things they are doing, you are still judging the aspect of your being and your ascension process is being delayed. Judging only means, that you do not trust yourself enough to know that you can make it, or you can manifest the business or whatever thing that you want to manifest. it means that you are to harsh to yourself. You came bring life to your own creation, that is why is so important to rise higher and to trust yourself that you can do it. This is something that you never done before, however your soul really came here to experience all. Beautiful soul, please do not fear the unknown. Now is the time for you, to stop following the crowd, and it is the time for you to create something completely new, something you desire. Remember scattered energy will not serve you, so center, decide and STICK TO WHAT YOU DECIDE NO MATTER WHAT. You can do it. The last card came, which will help you a lot to see yourself in nature. If you are in a receiving mode, you usually get all the answers you need. Go close to the nature, connect with the trees, animal spirits, observe. If you just go for a walk and just stand under a tree, you will feel the energy of the tree surrounding you, and from there your whole perspective will change, You will see that truly all is connected, all is Devine, and so are you. I love you!

Ground Yourself with the Red Jasper Gemstone

Down bellow I put an explanation of how the crystals can heal you and help you. I am not an expert in that field so I googled it. What I got as an energy from red jasper is a lot of passion, I mean a lot, burning heart and very strong love, a lot of energy and also sexual energy, very big drive, intense feelings, you are definitely not a boring person or a quiet person. Watch for the lower emotions such as anger, jealousy and impatience. A lot of fun, determination, happiness as well, sun energy and filling the heart chakra as well. This is from my part and what I got from them, down bellow you have some more explanation. Much love, Sita

Daring, delicate and the dreamiest shade of fire red, Red Jasper is one of those stones that screams energy right down to its very core. Beautifully aligned with the root chakra, Red Jasper may look like trouble, but it actually comes with incredible grounding properties, inviting you to keep one foot firmly on the floor no matter how high you are flying. It’s a stone that brings balance, stamina, courage, and the inner strength of a warrior. It’s lush, it’s deep, and it’s utterly nurturing for the soul. (Red Jasper Meaning: Healing Properties & Uses // Tiny Rituals)

Also known as The Endurance Stone, Red Jasper invites you to keep your focus and strength regardless of whatever task you are doing, especially during times of stress. For those who feel as though their mind and energy can flit out of focus, Red Jasper can bring you back. It is an exceptional tool for using as part of your meditation practice as alongside inviting endurance in difficult situations it has strong spiritual properties too. (Red Jasper Meaning: Healing Properties & Uses // Tiny Rituals)

Deck number 3 TIGER EYE ENERGY and Black obsidian!

The cards you received are: 9 of swords, Two times Knight of pentacles, 6 of cups, Ace of swords, The Magician, Protect the wild and green, Seek your destiny and Respect your boundaries!

Thank you beautiful soul for choosing deck number three. This deck had a lot to tell and the messages were for me personally the hardest to interpret. The energy of this deck is more serious and grounding. You got two times the same card and that is the knight of coins or pentacles. My beautiful soul, looks like, you are slowly working on your financial success and abundance. Your energy is focused, determined, steady. You really know where you want to go and what you want to do. You are a hard worker, slowly building your empire and also you have a big idea in your mind, you want to accomplish. If you chosen this deck, spirit guides are telling you that your money situation is going to improve a lot. They are asking you, to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. The only thing that is holding you back is your own mind, and frustration anxiety abut what if I fail, What if I will not make it, or what if my ideas are not going to work. The message you got is, put your destructive negative pattern of thinking aside and take a risk. You can do it, you will make it and slowly but surely you will accomplish your goals and desires. Your energy is not scattered, do what is necessary and all will be fine. Deck number three is also representing the energy of the nature and animals. You love the nature and you love the animals. Take more time to be outside. You are the guardian of the earth and protector of the animals. In this deck I also sense someone really stable, reliable, down to earth personality. My beautiful soul the next message I really want to share with you is about your boundaries. Respect them, protect your energy. You could overwork and not express what you truly feel, instead you will just complete a task you are given. Your angels are asking you to shine a light on this part of your being and rise higher by loving yourself soo much, that you express your truth. This is how you save energy for your destined journey. I sense also that maybe you are hiding yourself through work, on the same time fantasizing about someone from the past. Well this is all I see here, no right or wrong. Remember, just fantasizing about the past is draining your energy and is not the now moment. Maybe someone from the past will come back, maybe not, you will see. Just remember you are love, you gave love and you deserve love. Do not put down your standards if you feel lonely at the moment. Respect yourself soo much that you know you ARE IMPORTANT. If someone tells you they love you or you are beautiful, that is amazing, but you know that you do not need them to feel love in your heart or that you feel beautiful. If you need this, I will tell you now.. I love you, and you are beautiful, you are worth it, do not settle for less than you deserve.

Down bellow I put an explanation of how the crystals can heal you and help you. I am not an expert in that field so I googled it. What I got as an energy from tiger eye and also black obsidian IS: The stones are giving me calm, stable, reliable energies. You could be really quiet, not talking as much but have a great and strong presence at the same time. Tiger eye it gives courage, strong determination, and I sense the energy of money abundance. You are a person who is more focused on financial achievements at this point in time. Money is on your way for sure, slowly but steadily. I sense also healing on the lower chakras and a strong earth connection as well. Nothing can stop you. You are very focused and with clear intentions. This is from my part and what I got from them, down bellow you have some more explanation. Much love, Sita

Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra, the Tiger Eye stone comes with a glut of glorious healing properties and benefits that help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing in one straight swoop. More than just a pretty face, the Tigers Eye serves as a reminder to harness inner strength, to stand a little taller, and to stop sabotaging the self because all the light and love that is needed is already stashed inside. Instead of hiding away, Tiger’s Eye is all about bringing beautiful self-confidence to the surface. Tigers Eye Meaning: Secrets & Healing Properties – Tiny Rituals


Black Obsidian Stone

The poster child stone for the title of Obsidian, Black Obsidian is as dark as night and is a powerful tool for those seeking protection, grounding, deep-set healing and tearing the fabric of falsity to find the truth. Obsidian Meaning: Healing Properties & Uses // Tiny Rituals

Thank you for taking the time and reading the article.

Let me know and comment down below which card deck did you choose, and if it resonated with you. Sending you Love, yours Sita

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Disclaimer> Please be advice as a disclaimer, these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Do not make any life changing decisions based on Divine Love Journey readings. Again these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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