how to turn your obsession in to profession!!!!!!!!! Sita’s perspective, part 1

Om Namah Shivaya Beautiful Souls. I AM GRATEFUL and Thankful to meet you here and now. This tittle popped out in my mind a few days ago. It sounded so powerful, I needed to share and shine some light and love. Let’s begin….

Approximately two years ago I received a book Rise sister Rise by Rebecca Campbel, from my dear friend and coworker Neli. Remember the book plays a great role if you are a female reader. Than, let us clarify the definition of obsession.


the state of being obsessed with someone or something. “she cared for him with a devotion bordering on obsession”

  • an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.plural noun: obsessions“he was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist”

Long story short. I am explaining my perspective, so you can find yourself in my words. Take what resonates, leave the rest. So…I was mainly obsessing about the opposite gender, going from one relationship to another, always feeling that something is missing. The last relationship I was in, was extremely toxic. The universe tried hard to tell me.. Sita.. Sita.. Sita you are obsessing, stop!.. well you know how Aries can be hard headed, I didn’t listen. It hit me hard. Unexpectedly, completely unplanned, completely without the spiritual practices,,,….One day my heart chakra CRACKED opened. It happened when I was making love with him. Shit! It hit me hard. Now Obsessed even more. From this moment on, there was no going back, and it was no joke. I try to be funny now, but it was not funny at all. That is the reason why I am sharing this with you. I know is not easy, you are not alone in this crazy journeys, and there is a way out! Your unique way, to enjoy your journey! At that time, I really needed to open my eyes, and see the truth behind the smoke of massive volcano eruption in me. I was definitely not ready for this. What I did? I blamed him! Yes! I blamed him, I put all my anger on him, I was sad, mad, crazy and not being able to function normally. In my mind was only one thing. Him! Only He can save me from suffering, and all the love which came out from my heart I though, he was the reason for it. It took me a long time, to see I was wrong.

In this word we are thought on how to think, and not on how to feel. When you start to feel your energy and your own being, if no one thought you, you can easily mistaken the process and you think the reason for your awakening was someone else, or the energy you were feeling was other persons energy. It is hard to explain in words what really happens on an energetical level.. Sory guys. I am learning still. Also today I am still not sure what happened really that day.

Now back to the book Rise Sister Rise, and how it changed my life completely. Omg this book I had no idea how powerful it is. For some people a book is just a book. Well my dear friend Neli she knew, that it was not just a book. It was energy in action, preparing me for the most powerful transformation in my life. Almost two years ago, when I quit the 9 to 5 job, I FINALLY decided to live my DREAM life. I had really nothing to loose, since I had nothing at all hahaha. I decided to follow my dreams. That was for me, to spent summer outside in nature, to work half less and to receive the same amount of money, to learn and to grow spiritually. Well I just somehow did it. Ok lets go straight to the point. When I was packing for Greece to go to a new job and adventure of my lifetime, the book came with me. I was half way through it, and I will never forget how it started to clear my body, mind and energy system. My traumas and wounds were so deep, that I almost could not handle the energy of the book. It had such a deep effect on me. After I did the first ritual for restoring the feminine power, I was sick the whole day. Having diarrhea, throwing up, I thought I will die. This is how the cleansing started. Is not sexy. But everything that happened next, was beyond my expectations.

I was living one year in Bahamas, where I was staying in Ashram and learning about Vedanta and spiritual practices. Returning back home after one year of Brahmachariya, I meet Neli again. Now it comes the juicy part of the story, how we came to a solution, how to turn obsessions in to profession. How to stop chasing love, stop sabotaging yourself, stop playing small, stop not loving yourself enough to truly embody the knowing that you are good enough and that you have always been. I got sick of being deluded. I admitted that I WAS wrong (this was the hardest thing to do), and I had enough that my energy was licking so hard I had no idea how much damage I was causing not only to myself, but also to other parties involved. One day baby you are ready to go beyond and to expand. And that day came for me as well. Yes. Not that now I am smarter or whatever, I somehow managed to go beyond that, and I allowed myself to experience different possibilities which at that time I was thinking I had no other choice but to chase only. My mind was pretty much fixed, stuck, stubborn, egoistic, and very very closed and not open enough.

Past few months, we are working with Neli a lot on healing our feminine energy system, releasing the hatred and anger towards man population and trying to put the harmony in the both of the energies masculine and feminine. Rebecca helped us a lot, as we are doing sisterhood circles, supporting and connecting with strong woman and males as well. Anyhow back to our obsession topic.

Who seeks, finds, sooner or later! period!

Here lies the answer now, how to turn obsession in to profession. It was a normal day for me and Neli. She was driving the car and we were coming back from Koper, where we were doing Yoga for the Soul. I will explain in the next blog more about Yoga for the soul and what we are doing. She was driving the car and again my obsession came in to the surface, regarding a particular person and story I have created in my mind. I have created the idea of a love situation, which I thought needed to be resolved. If I don’t resolved it, I can not be happy or free or loved. So I thought! WRONG AGAIN!… Is a big deal of energy going on regarding this story, because I was nurturing the story for a very vey very long time. If you nurture something which is not bringing you the similar amount of energy back to you, is like feeding a black hole. If you feed the black whole you are just leaking the energy and you feel drained, unloved, and super depressed and lonely. So.. I will continue in the next article how the story unfolded and what worked for me, to turn my obsession in to profession.

If you are doing the shadow work and clearing your energy from old believes and old patterns I bow to you. We are not doing this only for us, but for the service of humanity and beyond our mental understandings. To make friends with our shadows and to put love in them, is not an easy job. That is why, we created the platform Divine Love Journey, for all the beautiful souls to support each other, to feel love and acceptance, but mostly we wanted to create non judgmental environment for you, to fully express your unique being. If you want to share your story go ahead. Now or never. Stay tuned, soon I will post part two, on how you can turn your obsession in to profession. Do not miss it! You are love, you are light and you are beautiful. I love you!


P.S. This is the book I was talking about in the article and Rebecca Cambel..

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