pick a card high frequency message! feb1, 2021

Om Namah Shivya Beautiful Souls. The energy of Feb1 has allowed me to finish this reading finally which I started on a full moon of Leo few days ago. Check out all 3 decks. Are you pulled to stone, or number, or color of the card, or maybe you sense energy, or also maybe you do not know the reason, but you are pulled to a deck. Well this is the right message for you today! Enjoy it, you are loved.

What card or crystal calls you?

card number 1 ROSE QUARTZ ROUGH

card number 2 AMETHIST


Rose quartz , deck number 1

Hi lovely Beings and thank you for choosing deck number 1. Deck number 1 holds a message very passionate in nature. You have deep feelings, deep desires, deep longings. And OMG, with such a deep passion, BE PATIENT is the message WTF right. Yeah I mean I can not lie, your message is all about about LOVE. It is what your heart desires. You want to feel complete, you want to give that fucking love you have in your heart to someone special, you want to share your life with your other half and enjoy IT TO THE FULLEST. Your lesson is to embody new template of relationships and to fully embody the masculine and feminine energies. What is true masculine energy? What is feminine energy? If you were born in a masculine or feminine bodies it does not matter. Your job is to acknowledge the masculine in you, and the feminine in you. Yes both… this is the energy of creation and you were made from both of them, and also you are carrying both of them right now at this moment. You are called to make peace, sense and feel both of this energies. On every day basis you are using both of them. What does it mean being in a heathy masculine and feminine energy? And how to embody both? Good question. Since this is a pick a card you were expecting some answers which I can not give it to you right now. I MEAN is not an easy topic. And also it can not be said in a pick a card reading. All in all is a balance of both of the energies, NOT in an equal proportion, however each and every person has to FIND the balance for themselves in accordance to their goals and personal lifestyle. What I found out in regards of feminine energy, since I am a woman is that…. .. The womb healing is a necessity FOR EVERY WOMAN! I am sorry men I can not have guidance for you guys since I am just FIGURING OUT THE feminine site. I love you guys regardless and support you 100 percent. Since we got the second card, be patient, it means you are too hot to handle baby. You are pouring too much heat and you have to cool down in order not to burn someone or something HAHAHA. HOPE YOU ARE not an fire sign, we like to burn things down. I know is so difficult as a fire sign myself we really get turned on in being hot and passionate, however our lesson is really chill. like I got you, but lesson is CHILL out OK. So chill, cool and practice allowing the process to unfold, in your case YOUR love STORY. Give yourself permission to be surprised and also the reward will be so amazing you will like scream of happiness and joy. Who knows what the universe has for you. OW, and on one last thing. Sometimes our intentions solve all of our problems. So you can also put an intention, maybe while you are meditating, that you wish that your masculine and feminine energies start dancing in a harmonious way, explore,.. Final message.. LOVE story is on a horizon, be patient while your dream person is coming, or in case you already are in a relationship, your relationship will level up. Love you guys. If you enjoyed the reading feel free to make a donation. Om om om, Blessing.. Sita

Deck n. 2 The WISE Amethyst, number 96

HI LOVELY BEINGS, and thank you for choosing deck number 2. This deck has really earthly energy, LOTS OF color green, trees, THIS ALL symbolizes change in your life. The first card is a nine of pentacles or nine of earth in Dreams of Gaia Tarot. The card is teaching you to put in your awareness your pattern of giving and receiving. Are you an over giver? Do you always give to much of yourself to other people and than forget about yourself? This is one point of view. The other point of view is, do you actually care for other beings on this planet? Are you earning money just for yourself and you are not making offerings to the planet or to the people in need. These two perspectives are not good and are not bad, they are just two aspect of the polarity. You are not judged or criticized if you are on one site or the other. You are just collecting data to se, how it looks like to be. Put in consideration, that the other card you got is CHANGE IS UNAVOIDABLE. So, this card is asking you to take one step further. It is time to fully operate and trust in your being, your guides are asking you to use the third eye power and the amethyst energy to give you the answers you are seeking. The AMETHYS is also telling you that you can peel the old layers of your personality and old believes. You are not the same person as you were when you were a child. Today you are completely different person. This means you have the full power to manifest your desires and dreams. You are called to dream bigger and beyond your thoughts what is possible and what is not. Remember you are not the same any more. You are much powerful, much wiser and much more in peace, love and harmony. You are also not the same person your parents see you. You are a beautiful unique being with your unique life path. Only you know who you are and only you know what do you want to do and where do you want to go. No one else knows this and no one else can tell you this. Use the power of your third eye to tap in to your intuition more often. Sheet your old skin, and remember you are not the same any more. Tomorrow when you will wake up you will be different as well. What would you like to accomplish? Now is your chance. You have an abundant personality. Do not waste it. Everything is possible. You are not alone, you are supported. I love you. Sita


Hello Beautiful beings. Thank you for choosing deck number 3. Your message for today is encoded with the card of Perception and an Oracle card, reveal your truth. A dark angel with a big sword is looking at you. You are on a journey of awakening and you just found out, that your old way of thinking, living and functioning is not working any more. Something happened, that awakened your soul, it showed you there is more than your body and there is more than your mind. This MORE, is so beautiful, you decided to slowly finish with your old stuff, and you decided to hop on a spiritual journey. You had a dark and heavy period in your life, with a lot of heartbreak, pain, misunderstanding and suffering. Al this pain and suffering, if you are looking from another POINT OF WIEV is a Blessing. You suffer to learn how to enjoy, you loose something to be grateful for what you have, you are in a heartbreak to learn how to love yourself and others. Every situation can be good or bad or both, depends on the perspective. If you choose to see the situation in which you are now, from the eyes of a oh poor me, how could this happen to me and so on, you are for sure loosing, mostly yourself. In discomfort we grow, in hard situations we get stronger. This dark angel is not a good angel, is also not a bad angel, is just a fact is an angel. You are being asked to learn your frequency and use it as a tool for your coo creating skills. On a journey of unconditional love is like……you can not escape from getting to know who you are. to be truly you. You practice this by speaking your truth to the other fellow beings. Energy NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER LIES. If you still feel SHITY and drained by other people you know you are not speaking your truth.. so start and you will be surprised how people will react. You are a light being. You used to put on a mask to please other people, to fit inn. Or maybe you are just not expressing fully. Now is the time! You can never fit in to another’s shoes, you feel the most comfortable in your own shoes. That is why, be you and feel you and do you, and listen to you! Perception card is not easy to understand…. is always good to challenge your perception. Be mindful also of what kind of information are you taking in, for example from television, media =, ecc.. this information is shaping your reality. IT DOES not mean, that all the information is accurate. Also challenge your perception, when you are certain that you are right! If you think you are always right there is no place of growth. Challenge yourself, and you will find a new ways, new energy, wow so liberating. Also if you really do not like the situation you are in now, challenge yourself and say to yourself that the universe knows what it is doing. You are here in this moment because you need to be, and you have to evolve and grow IN ORDER TO go somewhere else or to be in another situation. When you will grow the universe will catapult you higher and it will happen soon, because the world is yours. You as a cocreator are Blessed are loved and adored. I love you. Om Namah Shivaya. Sita

Thank you for taking the time and reading the article.

Let me know and comment down below which card did you choose, and if it resonated with you. Sending you Love, yours Sita

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In this reading I used The dreams of Gaia Tarot and the Messenger Oracle Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

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