Om Namah Shivaya Guys. Welcome to Divine Love Journey. Today I am gonna write about how I start my day in the last past two years and a half or soo. Sita’s journey, day 10of January 2021. Planet Earth for now!

Guys today I would love to share my part of the journey and how I learned to be more in tune with my being and intuition. I am walking this path together with you and I am really grateful that we can share our energies and experiences. I really love adventure, mysticism, passion of course, drama, and so on. Many years ago I was really sad, because I was not living my true life’s purpose. I was struggling with the wrong relationships, wrong job, wrong mentality,… Days just went by and a lot of my time was wasted by the everyday bullshit and nonsense. I was clearly not ready. Not that now I am hahahaha, I just decided I WILL JUST DO IT AND THATS IT! So… you know we are all searching for the perfect partner, perfect job, perfect maybe just vacation for some, or for health,.. guyssss! I was searching for so long in a wrong place. I mean I am that kind of person who makes tons of mistakes and also a donkey because refuses to learn some lessons, but also never gives up. Like kill me and I will still not give up, like really. Ok now my mars and Aries wants to show of …..Yeah to continue, my answer was clearly not outside of me. But you know, how can you feel the answer is inside of you, if you are full of trauma and fear, anger, jealousy, negativity. The answer is.. clearly you can not!

How I learned how to be in tune with my intuition? How I started to live the life I always wanted? I just asked myself a simple question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO, IF TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE? Guys, this is powerful as fuck! Like so powerful you can not imagine. Guys what would you do, if today was you last day of your life? But also what would you do, if there were no restrictions? If you had all the money in the world on you banc account now at this moment yes now, like now. You have all the money in the world. There is no restrictions of what is wrong, what is right to do or not to do. Also you do put in mind that nothing is limiting you. You do not have a boss or job, that is limiting you, your family is not limiting you, your spouse is not limiting you, your health is not limiting you, also your experiences are not limiting you. You have no limitations. Also, what is that thing that you really want to do today, that you feel warmth in your hearth and that you are not scared of being rejected. Where is jour soul guiding you. What does your soul wants to do, what kind of experience you wanna have on this planet today. Guys I am writing through my heart and but chakra. Joke haha, I am just so excited to share this with you and hear all your answers below in the comments. When you feel that spark and you follow that spark, man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the best day of your life! Every day!

This is what I did two and a half years ago. I said to myself, I really want to spend time on the beach whole summer, also I want to earn same money, and with less effort and half less time. And it happened. I went to Greece and worked there as a tourist representator for my Country. I was scared also, I was afraid about money, I was scared ok what’s next, what will happen after the season will finish. I had all the stupid questions, but I also learned soo much from it, I will never regret it. I just regret I didn’t trust more in the process and relax more. When you follow your spark, the universe supports you, so it is the best just to relax and enjoy the process. Now I know.

For some things we need more time, for others they move very quickly, I mean the life’s decisions. Sometimes it happens naturally. I definitely needed more time regarding relationships in my life. Why? Of course I needed to establish relationship with myself at first. I am also a little insane regarding relationship, because I had really hard time learning basic things. So I needed to cleanse my system first. To go back to the basic question, what would you do if today was the last day of your life? This led me to an lifetime adventure, and opened the door to higher possibilities for myself and other people surrounding me as well. As I started to learn, to grow, to clean also my traumas, believes, fears,… The clouds, the trees, the see looked different. And my face started to shine like a diamond!

This simple question changed my life. For this reason I am encouraging you guys to ask yourself also what would you want to do, if today was the last day of your life? You know we take so many things for granted. We take food and water and shelter for granted, our job for granted and also people who we spent time with us for granted. We think they will stay with us forever, or I am secure in the job, I have my home forever. Guys is not like this. Please feel gratefulness today for everything you have, be grateful for you because you came so far on jour journey. Also if you feel you really want to travel somewhere away from where you are now. My beautiful soul, I am sure you have not explored in depth the place you are staying now at the moment. There is magic where you are now, believe me, you just have to open your other senses to see and appreciate that. There is love and guidance and life and joy surrounding you now. The trees are talking to you, the mountains are grounding you, the valleys are teaching you, the birds are whispering to you, your ancestors are supporting you, mother earth is unconditionally loving you. Magical being today is the best day of jour life. Live it, love it feel it. Tomorrow it will be even better. Say to someone today you love them deeply! You can do it! Love changes everything!

Sending you much love. Guys leave a comment and answer the question of what does your soul really want to experience in the present moment? What would you do today if today was the last day of your life?

Om Namah Shivaya

Yours Sita

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