sita’s tarot message, jan8 2021

Dear soul. You had enough of pain, suffering, things you do not want more in your life. You had enough of questioning, you had enough of negativity, of judgements, of bad health, low energy and so on. Six of swords card together with six of wands shows you that yes it is time to move on. You are flying baby directly to the calm waters, to your drams, to your destiny! Six of wands my dear ones is finally VICTORY CARD. It is a victory on our journeys, however is not the final destination. Your past life is in the past, you are not the same any more. Your old believe system is gone, your fears they are gone. You are a new person now, you shine your light wherever you go.

You are healing and you are a healer as well! It is important not to ignore the little things or leave anything unaddressed or unexpressed. It is specially important not to deny hurt or anger, if you are feeling it. If something or someone has caused you upset, be honest and say so.

You got number 666! Many people call this number, the number of the BEAST! Is not what you think! Your inner feeling is never wrong. Destroy all your negative believe system asap. Destroy all which does not longer serves you, and that which is not aligned with the higher frequencies. Destroy once and for all fear of unknown! Whatever exists is a manifestation of the Devine!

HUMILITY: Listen to natures teachings, be humbler than a blade of grass and more tolerant than a tree. Giving up wordily prestige, offer all respect to others and expect none in return. Sri Chaitanya

MEDIATION: Chanting is like a child crying for mothers presence. The Lord reveals himself to those who chant sincerely. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

Dear soul do not fear the unknown. The ugly is not always bad and evil, the beautiful not always good and just. Failure is not predeterminate, nor is it a given that others laugh at you if you choose to follow your dreams. It is your fear of the unknown that makes you question and judge. Do not let another experience be the truth that guides you. Do not allow your fear of an unknown outcome to hold you a prisoner. Your own experience could be both different and rewarding. Live! (from the Guidebook of Messenger Oracle, Ravyne Phelean, page.n.22.)

Dear soul, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. You have hopes, dreams, goals, ideas. Do not guard your ideas jealously nor keep them locked within for fear that others may steal them or offer ridicule instead of support. It is time to share your vision. Tell Great Spirit and Gaia of your Dreams and hopes so they may send you what you need. Speak of your dreams to others. Connect with those who share your goals and hopes for they may be able to help you realize your dreams sooner. (From Messenger Oracle guidebook, by Ravynne Phelan).

If you had some rough times, accept that this is gone now. If you feel you have been defeated, or if you feel you constantly need to be in a battle and defeat others that you can stay in your energy. Let go of that. Accept that others defeated you, accept the failure, accept that you maybe wanted to defeat others. Ground yourself and let go. It is over. Today is a new day, is the best day of your life and is a new opportunity. Yes today! Release, let go, is no longer serving you! I know you are still juggling between the old you and new you, however it is time to settle the course in one direction. And this one direction my dear ones is you light, your being, your frequency, it is you! For you and only you are responsible, and no one else!

9 OF SWORDS CARD shows your mental blockages and overthinking. You build your own walls. You create your own fear, and they are in your mind only. Make your mind a friend not your enemy please. Your mind suffers, your ego suffers.. love never suffers.

The SUN CARD for me is one of the happiest and powerful cards in the tarot decks. You shine like the sun. Cherish the sun energy, go outside, go to the nature and connect with the Gai, for she heals and gives you as much love and support as you need it.

THE TEN OF COINS CARDS represents abundance, grounding, earth energies. It is the magic of everyday life. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. The spiritual world is magical here on our planet. You create magic and you are a part of every day magic, and adventures. The things you take for granted hide much more, if you look the random things from the artistic point of view, there is a big difference. This card is representing happiness, beauty, goodness that surround you. Of course life is sometimes hard, hover is a reminder what is this all worth living for. This card is a spark of optimism, hope, which symbolizes the end of the hard era. The door is open for you to enter the magic kingdom, you just have to cross it!

Hope you enjoyed the reading.


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