masks off!

Five of Air Illusion, Reality, Separation, Self/Sabotage, Self/Deception, Criticism, Conditioning, Healing

Conflict between reality and belief, Time for Honesty, let go of Illusion and pretense, Face a painful reality, You are not alone, Advice and constructive criticism are not a personal attack, Drop the Mask. Reveal your true self, forgive others for wearing their masks.

Meaning>The five of air represents conflict between what is real and what is believed. It addresses a need for honesty, and a courage to let go of a self-deception that is being held onto in order to hide and protect from a painful reality.

This painful reality may be one that we choose to deny, but even so, its influence can still create dissonance in our lives and work in corrosive manner that gives rise to conflict thoughts, a desire to avoid and procrastinate, and eventual self-sabotage of our creative endeavors. It can also manifest in a desire to withdraw and separate ourselves from those who love us.

The symptoms to look for are low self-esteem, a disparaging inner voice, and an inability to handle criticism as it only serves to reinforce a low opinion that is already held. Even simple advice and constructive criticism that are offered to help to improve or fix something that needs further work is perceived to be an attack and is responded to with hurt or anger.

When this happens repeatedly, others may become reluctant to speak up even when there is a real genuine need. This reluctance is noticed and feeds the anxiety.

As a result of this inability to take advice of any kind and see it for what it is (CARE AND LOVE), conflict, mistakes and outright failure become common occurrences, which in turn, make us believe even more that we will never succeed. Behind the mask, we fall victim to self-recrimination, judgement and blame, and criticize ourselves in a manner that in neither objective nor constructive.

And jet despite everything we try to put on a brave face and continue to smile, but it is a mask. The smile is the lie that hides disappointments, regrets, guilt, and a pain that we attempt to deny, because we have been conditioned to suppress and repress our true thought and feelings.

A GENTLE INTERVENTION, FIVE OF AIR. Remove the mask and the blindfold from your eyes. Let go of the lie that all is ok and that you are happy and allow yourself to see that you need to address the thoughts and believes that have you thinking poorly of yourself. It is time for you to see and face the inner demons that have you believing that you are not worthy or deserving of success or happiness. Drop the mask and show your true self, wounds and all. Look at the damaging thoughts and believes, address their source, and give yourself an opportunity to heal. Allow others to help you. You are not alone, and you are loved. Understand that the advice and constructive criticism others offer is not meant to limit and wound, but to help you heal and grow.

Potential Blockage> Be cautious misrepresenting yourself, a situation or another person. The truth will always out, so it is better not to embellish or fabricate, even if you only weave little lies in order to fit in the crowd and belong. If you are wearing a mask, put it aside and reveal your true self for yourself not for others. Do not be afraid of rejection. Yes, you might lose a few people by revealing the truth, but you will also draw to you those who admire your honesty and authenticity, who like you for who you are. If the roles are reversed, and is another who lies, then in this situation, it might pay to show empathy and compassion. When the mask slips try not to judge to harshly or condemn. Embrace them. Forgive them. Doing so will give them confidence and may help you to keep the mask off instead of putting it back on.


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