sita ram

Every night I look at the moon and the stars, the universe reminds me of my human scars. Because you see, I have a struggle deep down my soul, feeling something, I have never felt before.

From the moment your perfect lips touched mine, we opened the door for the LOVE, which is so Divine. You are lying to me and telling me that you do not care, scared to feel the love, we both know it is there! Questioning, if this is fake, or is it real, not allowing to express what we truly feel!

I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I do not ever want to feel us apart. if you want to find the inner truth, just search deep within your soul. The key is lying there to open any door! There is no beginning and no end to everything there is, just pure LOVE, for you, I am thankful for, and Bliss!

It is not important whatever thing is that you do, just know that every second I am supporting you! You see love will not make you feel in chain, it will set you free and release all your pain! Osho said that lovers should be like friends, and this is how my love poem ends.

Dedicated to all the souls in a jounery of awakening. Support Love and Blessings to all. With a message that you are not alone. We are one! Om Shanti. Sita

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